Diego Stocco’s Improvisation On A Trash Bin

What do you do when you’re a sound designer and composer and you’re stuck in a hotel without your gear?

You improvise – which is exactly what musical MacGyver Diego Stocco does in his latest video, Improv on a Trash Bin.

Here’s what he has to say about the video:

At the hotel where I’m staying during the CES convention in Vegas, they have these little trash bins that I discovered being very resonant.

When I threw an empty water bottle inside the bin, it made a beautiful sustaining sound, so I thought to improvise a little groove with it.

I didn’t have all my usual recording gear with me so I used an iPhone with a small audio interface.

I sound designed the recordings to abstract the intro a little bit, to emphasize the dominant frequency and to open up the stereo field. I hope you’ll enjoy it : )

Is there anything this guy can’t make music on?

As always, Stocco’s work is a reminder that your ear is more important that your gear.

Technical details: Recorded on an iPhone + Tascam iM2 with the FIRe app.

6 thoughts on “Diego Stocco’s Improvisation On A Trash Bin

  1. Awesome video. Rule of thumb: most things cylindrical or ~ 180 degrees concave, and metallic? Tuned percussion. Works on a variety of other materials as well (wood, plastic, glass), when they’re the right density. Experiment! Happy drumming. 🙂

  2. We need to have an ‘Iron Chef’ style sound design challenge show!

    Give Diego a toothbrush and some kitchen utensils and give him an hour to come up with a song.

  3. “Stuck in a hotel room without his usual equipment, but accompanied by a small film crew” lol. Excellent improv, though.

  4. Much respect for Deigo but honestly this just sounds like some dude banging on a trash can. I don’t see what the big deal is about this one.

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