4 thoughts on “Moby’s Advice For Musicians – Make Music That You Love, Don’t Take Too Many Drugs

    1. I remember listening to a radio interview with Moby about 15 years ago (egad!) where he was saying that Aphex Twin made awful music and at least he made stuff you could dance to. I’ll let you decide to agree or disagree with that…

      1. Sorta agree, but I generally prefer Aphex Twin’s music to Moby’s. That was probably around the “I Care Because You Do” and “Richard D. James” albums. In the case of the latter, I really didn’t care for that period of “IDM” with the heavy drum-n-bass influences. It always sounded gimicky in my opinion. The former was simply a mediocre album. On the other hand, Moby’s music generally bores me .

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