Akai MPC Fly iPad Music Production Center Image Leaked (By James Jeffery)

These images of the Akai MPC Fly iPad Music Production Center are allegedly “100% legit”, but we’re not going to vouch for their authenticity until Akai makes its official announcement.

In case there was any doubt, the images were ‘leaked’ by ‘gear nut’ James Jeffery.

If the images turn out to be more than CGI fakery, the Akai MPC Fly looks to be an interesting software + hardware Music Production Center for the iPad. The hardware adds adds MPC pads and playback controls, while iPad software handles the heavy lifting.

This could be an interesting hybrid, especially if you could use the application with or without the dedicated controller. You could use the iPad sans controller for mobile beatmaking and then combine it with the MPC Fly hardware in the studio.

Let us know what you think whether you think these images of the Akai MPC Fly are legit – and what you think of the concept illustrated in these images – in the comments!

18 thoughts on “Akai MPC Fly iPad Music Production Center Image Leaked (By James Jeffery)

  1. I’ve got to admit, I was really skeptical when I heard the news about an “iPad MPC” but if the MPC Fly turns out to actually be anything like this then consider me sold!

      1. Yeah, I’m in the “burn me once, shame on me” camp on Akai iPad software. Synth Station is that perfect combination of both ugly *and* useless.

  2. we’re only a few hours away, sio i can say it…YEP..real deal..ive seen it already… there’s still a few surprises in store for the mpc fly,

  3. I would love this. Hopefully it’s more responsive than imaschine. I swear if I even breathe too hard on the iPad screen it creates more latency πŸ™ also would be cool if the hardware is basic core midi, could use this with sampletank.

  4. The app is made by Retronyms, makers of Tabletop. I saw a hint on their blog, saying they’ll be at the Akai booth showing new software. Also, the app header is the same as Tabletop.

    This means it will be a quality app.

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