MidiPatterns MIDI sequencer For OS X

MIDI Patterns

Developer Amedeo Farello let us know about version 1.0 of MidiPatterns, a new multitrack, pattern-oriented, MIDI step sequencer for the Mac OS X.

Here’s what Farello has to say about MidiPatterns:

It has a simple but effective user interface, so that it can be used as a simple drum machine, but also to handle complex multi-timbral, polyphonic scores, controlling multiple software synthesizers and hardware expanders at once.

The app supports virtually up to 32000 tracks per document and can drive multiple MIDI devices, directly connected or linked through a network. The size of each pattern can vary between 1 and 216 steps. Each document can define up to 32000 distinct patterns.

There are powerful per track modulation capabilities, including volume, reverb, chorus, attack, decay, release, pan, cutoff and resonance. Besides, MidiPatterns implements sophisticated “swing” and randomizing capabilities to improve expressiveness. Events properties like MIDI velocity, duration, probability and swing and all modulations can be set to change subtly and randomly during playback.

A song editor permits to assemble patterns in a structured playback, MIDI files can be imported and exported and there is support for MIDI clock synchronization, both as master and as slave.

Finally, it has powerful and detailed mute & solo capabilities and makes use of drag & drop to ease editing operations.

MidiPatterns is available now through the Mac App Store at $11.99.

A manual is available for MidiPatterns at Farello’s site – but a demo video for MidiPatterns would help potential buyers understand the app’s capabilities.

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