Behringer Intros iStudio iPad Dock

At the 2012 NAMM Show, Behringer introduced a new iPad dock for musicians, the iStudio iPad Dock.

The iStudio features two combination XLR – 1/4″ inputs, each with its own Gain control and switchable phantom power for use with condenser microphones. These inputs will accept analog signals from virtually any piece of audio gear including amps, mixers and external preamps. A guitar or electric bass can also be connected directly to the iStudio, thanks to the built-in Hi-Z switch.

iStudio provides balanced stereo 1/4″ TRS outputs for connecting to your studio monitors, PA systems and much more. Two footswitch connectors are available for application-defined remote control of input selection and an expression pedal. If video is part of your production, iStudio’s RCA composite connector works with standard video projectors, as well as television and computer monitors.


  • iPAD Docking Station with Audio, Video and Midi Connectivity
  • Universal Docking Station for APPLE iPAD and iPAD2
  • Connect your microphones, instruments and audio sources to virtually any audio/MIDI app with the iSTUDIO
  • Core Audio/MIDI compatible for use with any iOS App
  • Versatile I/O functionality with adjustable headphone output and direct monitoring control
  • Separate Video output for connecting your iPAD to TVs and projectors
  • Standard MIDI I/O plus USB-to-host connectors for ultimate MIDI connectivity
  • iPAD powering and battery charging via the iSTUDIO dock
  • Ergonomic design layout – all control elements on top panel with headphone connector on front
  • Slide-in access for mating with iPAD dock connector (suitable for iPAD 1 & 2)
  • Locating holes for BEHRINGER P16-MB mounting bracket to attach iSTUDIO to a standard mic, music or drum stand (P16-MB not included)
  • Universal switch-mode power supply with country-specific wall socket adapter included

Availability and pricing for the Behringer iStudio iPad Dock are to be announced.

15 thoughts on “Behringer Intros iStudio iPad Dock

  1. Bah… Why is video out composite? Who is sitting around wishing for a way to record their iPad on a VHS? The iPad 2 supports HDMI out, so anything less on a dock is a lame attempt at meeting some marketing bullet point.

  2. Nice to see some competition for Alesis. But I really don’t like those knobs on the front left. I would be bumping those with my hand all the time, and the unit looks and feels off-sized. Otherwise it looks like it has feature parity with the IO Dock, but we’ll have to see if everything really works as advertised.

  3. Seems like the pro audio-focused docks I see aren’t focused on performance, and have their limitations when it comes to studio use. What I’d love to see in an iPad dock:

    – Lightweight slimline case design, to allow for handheld playing with apps such as TC-11.
    – Riser on the back with 1/4″ I/O, two USB 2.0 ports with full USB MIDI support. USB could be micro-USB if space is an issue, like what the QuNeo is going to have. Ditto RCA plugs instead of 1/4″, if necessary.
    – MIDI sysex and HDMI. #obvious
    – The usual control knobs at the bottom, for ease of use and playability. A CC/program change assignable knob or two would be cool as well.

    Options/wish list features:
    – Workable case/strap combo, for live playing/jamming.
    – Programmable control settings via iPad app, and/or Mac/PC/Linux.
    – Save for the slimline design, all of the above incorporated into something more hefty, like the iO Dock, et. al. or the above device.

  4. I would love to see all these features built into something like the Akai Pro Synthstation 49. It would really give you a whole portable studio in one shot. And give it an option to be battery powered. Now that would be awesome.

  5. Given the fact that Alesis totally screwed people with the iODock, we welcome this Behringer entry. I’ve no doubt that with new iOS updates they won’t leave customers hanging and then blame Apple. lol.

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