9 thoughts on “The Nord Drum Virtual Analog Drum Synthesizer

  1. Man this is one slide from the early 90’s to the 2 10’s for clavia.

    They are going to downgrade themselves to the bontempi of our era,
    and all that because money is never enough………

  2. It’s like Nord went “You know, we’re kinda pricey, we should put something out most people can buy.” Sadly, it’s also something most people don’t want.

    Even for what it is it isn’t good, the sounds are like something off of the rhythm section of a 100$ keyboard. It’s living proof that making something analogue doesn’t instantly make it awesome.

  3. I was really skeptical of nords choice on this one, but…it really does sound great!!! This guy in the said video, I would fire immediately. If any of you guys have noticed, the 600. Dollor price range is the currant sweet spot for manufactures right now and getting a product in that price range is impairitive for almost every company out there right now. You can argue the details all day but, alot of companies are releasing gear that just a couple of years ago would of cost
    double. I get why the did the nord drum in this fashion, but thats the problem with us gearwhores we always want more 😉 it’s a shame the guy demoing it is so bad, at least they could of gotten one of their synth specialist to show it. The nord drum micro site does a far better job at showing off the quality of it’s sound engine.

    1. You are dead on about the $600 price point. We can expect fierce competition in this area over the next several years, which is only great for us. I also like that it will force companies to focus on what is important and unique, rather than just trying to jam every feature into a bullet list and sell it for top dollar.

  4. I’m pretty sure I had all those sounds on a Roland Sound Canvas some time around 1995…

    Seriously, if this is over $200, I just don’t see it. You can get an Alesis DM10 brain for six bills…

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