2 thoughts on “Emulator KS-1974 Multi-Touch Controller

  1. There is going to be a HUGE market for companies that make control software to run on older touch devices in the coming years. No reason to pay $2500 for one control surface when you can (in a couple years) pick up 3 or 4 used iPads for a fraction of the cost. Touch screen devices will be the first tech hardware in history to maintain a daily value as “fixed installations” for far longer than their standard product cycle.

  2. Guys, you are seriously on CRACK if you think people are going to spend $2,500 for a small-ish touch-screen monitor just for your un-tested Emulator software. Very few DJs I know have that kind of scratch, especially when they can spend $300 and get a nice View Sonic 23″ multi-touch monitor that isn’t stuck in a case, and that you can use for things other than just mixing music at clubs.

    Heed the lessons of the Jazz Mutant Lemur.

    And the fact that you’re charging $499.00 for just the software? Ridiculous. I’ll just use my monitor to run Traktor or VDJ all on its own, thank you very much.

    Just a hint for you guys… outrageous software prices are the #1 reason people Pirate. Just a heads-up.

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