The Pittsburgh Modular Foundation Analog Synthesizer

Pittsburgh Modular Foundation

The Pittsburgh Modular Foundation is a new suitcase-style synthesizer, that is fully modular and based on the Eurorack standard.

Here’s what Pittsburgh Modular has to say about it:

The Foundation is a fully modular, eurorack, analog synthesizer. A patchable system styled after the great monosynths of the past with no hardwired signal path or fixed voice architecture to restrict creativity. Driven by two wide range analog oscillators the Foundation produces a huge, warm sound that can’t be matched by digital or VST synths. All of the elements of a classic voltage controlled synthesizer are available as an open, patchable, modern synth.

The Foundation is a “complete voice”. It contains all the modules needed to produce a wide variety of complex sounds such as monster analog bass, cutting leads, evolving pads, and short percussive hits. All of which can be controlled directly using the Foundations’ 42 knobs and switches then played with any standard Midi controller. The Foundation is also fully compatable with Expert Sleepers Silent Way software plug-ins¹.

An unpatched Foundation offers a clean slate for sonic exploration and sound design. The open format of a modular synthesizer allows for greater control and a deeper understanding of synthesis. The Foundation is comprised of a heavy duty eurorack case and individual eurorack modules designed to work together and as part of a larger modular system. Modules within the Foundation can be rearranged easily or replaced as a system grows or individual needs change.

Details below. Pricing and availability are to be announced.

Pittsburgh Modular Foundation Suitcase Synthesizer

The Pittsburgh Modular Foundation Analog Synthesizer


  • 2x Oscillator
    Multiple Analog Waveforms
    Wide Frequency Range
  • Dual LFO
    2 Independent Low Frequency Oscillators
  • Ring Modulator
    3 Modes
  • 4 Channel Mixer / Attenuator
    Multifunction Module
    4 Channel Mixer
    4 Independent Attenuators
  • Multi Mode Filter
    Lowpass, Highpass, Bandpass, Variable Outputs
    Voltage Controlled Frequency and Q
    Filter and Oscillator Modes
  • 2x Envelope Generator
    4 Stage (Attack, Decay, Sustain, Release)
    Fast and Slow Modes
  • Dual VCA
    Attenuated CV Input
    Individual and Mix Outputs
  • Headphone and ¼” Line Outs
    Stereo or Dual Mono Outputs
  • Midi to CV Converter
    CV Out
    Gate Out
    CC Out
  • 2x Dual Multiples
    2 Sets of Connected Jacks
  • Power Module
    Power Switch
    Power LED


  • Heavy Duty Monorocket Case
    90hp Eurorack Case
    Sliding Nut Mounting Nut System
    Removable Lid
    Dimensions with Lid: 19.25 x 6.25 x 6
  • Integrated Power Supply
    +12v / -12v 1A
    External Power Adapter
  • 15 3.5mm Patch Cables from Ad Infinitum²
    5x 6″
    5x 12″
    5x 24″
  • Patch Examples Guide

6 thoughts on “The Pittsburgh Modular Foundation Analog Synthesizer

  1. I have a FR XS and a SEM.

    I love the aesthetics of this synthesizer. Great assortment of first modules.. and the case is icing on the cake

    its got to be an exciting and hard to choose time for people into analogs… there is so much to choose from.. luckily i know exactly what i want.. but some of these new items are tempting too

  2. the case is nice and all.. but if 1700 is the price… they’re going to lose customers to the smaller vostok… the SEM… the FRXS… Neptune… many… many things with the same or more function and proven power of sound and build quality…. there is actually a lot with more function and less price

    this does have a raw look to it though and i have no experience with any of their gear… i have a hard time believing it can sound better than the new SEM though and thats like half the price of this but almost the same amount of function

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