Korg Intros SV-1 Stage Vintage Pianos In Black & Reverse-Key Editions

At the 2012 NAMM Show, Korg announced two new editions for its SV-1 stage piano.

  • SV-1 Black: The Korg SV-1 Stage Vintage Piano has been given an elegant matte black stage finish; available with 73 or 88 keys.
  • SV-1 Reverse Key Limited Edition: The SV-1 Reverse Key is going to be available in a limited edition of 500 of each model.

While not a new keyboard design, the new Korg SV-1 are stylish variations on a stage piano that’s proven to be popular.

Pricing & Availability:

  • The Black Stage Vintage Piano will be available mid January, 2012 priced $2,700 USD (SV-1BK73) / $3,000 USD (SV-1BK88).
  • The Reverse Key Stage Vintage Piano will be available May, 2012, priced $2,900 USD (SV-1R73) / $3,200 USD (SV-1R88).

9 thoughts on “Korg Intros SV-1 Stage Vintage Pianos In Black & Reverse-Key Editions

    1. i thought nords were for organ people wanting both organ and piano sounds, while these korgs are more for piano people wanting both piano and organ sounds?

      that being said, i’ve heard from others who didn’t like the action of it aswell.

      me? that everything is hands on is cool and all, but with the hipster fake tube i really could never see me owning one of these…

  1. I like it,it sounds great. Just hope they had improved the keyboard action. Yamaha cp1 and cp 5 have got funtastic keyboard action with real wood keys. The best i’ve tried.

  2. I love it, had one since Dec last year. Having been a guitarist, the tube thing is a great idea it gives proper warmth to the rhodes sounds when you whack a bit of drive onto it.

    I get a bit fed up of people moaning about the action and saying “get a nord” like they are the same price for the same spec, they’re a grand and a half more so shut up rich kids. I find the bounce on the action an aid not a hindrance, yes if you have £20k’s worth of bechstein at your disposal then yes I can understand the frustration, but if you have one of those you can afford the EX88 and a butler to wipe off the caviar you spill on it.

    If you have £1500 to get a stage piano, give it a fair chance against the Roland RD300NX and the Yamaha CP series, the latter have more of a wooden feel to the key stroke, whereas the SV-1 is all about compromise between a Rhodes MKII and a Kemble Minx. I like

  3. It’s a great instrument, including the feel, the sounds, the interface and the look. The action is very good, dynamic, sensitive and playable (I’m coming from classical pianist background and have decades of experience with all types of keyboards). The sounds are authentic and all great, the Rhodes emulations are outstanding. The interface is very easy to use, simple but effective. With the additional editor software hidden parameters can also be tweaked, if needed. This piano looks gorgeous, and finally, it’s portable.

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