Absolute Extremes Intros Ninstrument Rackmount Game Synth

Absolute Extremes has introduced the Ninstrument – a custom built rack mountable sound module that can accommodate any number of vintage gaming systems.

“We use only original hardware in our systems,” they note. “We don’t use emulators or knock-off type products.”

Here’s an overview of the Ninstrument in action:



  • You can choose what systems you would like to have in your Ninstrument. Each system is custom made.
  • Steel cabinets with aluminum and polycarbonate sandwiched front panels insure gig ready durability.
  • High quality reverse printed, screen-printed Lexan front covers .

The Ninstrument is built to order – so see the Absolute Extremes site for details.

5 thoughts on “Absolute Extremes Intros Ninstrument Rackmount Game Synth

  1. Thanks for posting this. If you guys have any suggestions or ideas for the concept, please let me know. Our next prototype will contain a few industry firsts as well, so check back in 4 weeks to watch the next prototype being built step by step.

  2. First vxxy’s dcm8, and now the Ninstrument! ( and of coarse the OPlab) my daughter going to have to get a job before she’s seven! Daddy’s got a chip fetish!!! Good job guys!!

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