Livid + Minus Introduce Richie Hawtin’s CNTRL:R MIDI Controller

Livid Instruments has introduced a new MIDI controller, CNTRL:R, created in collaboration with Minus and Richie Hawtin.

Here’s what they have to say about the CNTRL:R:

In December 2009 we hooked up with electronic music pioneer Richie Hawtin and started talking about designing a new controller together. The next year was spent discussing designs, uses, and prototyping a few units to actually road test in a live performance setting.

After a few redesigns and a lot of hard work, CNTRL:R was born. This is one of the most exciting and longest lasting project we’ve work on and it’s only just the beginning.

CNTRL:R features twenty four rotary knobs, twelve push button rotary encoders, eight faders, a 4×4 grid of RGB keypads, and two rows of 16 RGB light buttons. The CNTRL:R also contains expansion jacks for connecting Roland-style foot pedals and other expressive analog devices such as faders, accelerometers, sensors, rotary knobs, and Livid’s XPC expansion controllers.

The CNTRL:R is fully programmable with scripts and templates available for softwares such as Ableton Live and Native Instruments Traktor.

In addition to the hardware, Livid worked with Hawtin to create a Max For Live step-sequencer that integrates seamlessly into Ableton Live.


  •  Integrated with 16 pad Drum Racks in Live
  • 16 steps per Drum Pad
  • easily mute a whole sequence
  • full envelope control for each Drum Pad sound
  • control pitch, volume, pan, and filter for each step
  • creative step variations for on-the fly editing
  • 16th notes or triplets
  • variable note value “repeat”
  • create and recall up to 32 presets for each sequence
  • full interactive control with CNTRL:R

Livid is taking orders now for the CNTRL:R. It’s priced at $699.00 and is expected to ship in 4 weeks.

2 thoughts on “Livid + Minus Introduce Richie Hawtin’s CNTRL:R MIDI Controller

  1. This looks like the only thing that could get me to give up my APC40… but at $700 they are out of their fucking minds. What’s the point of making it in “our Austin, Tx facility” if you’re going to price yourselves so far out of the market. Get that made in China and I will camp out for the release at $250.

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