Everything Counts (Depeche Mode Cover)

Reader Ben sent us this video folktronica jam, Dicken Schrader feat. Milah & Korben doing their version of Depeche Mode’s Everything Counts.

Note: Thumbs way up for teaching cute grade school kids to sing Depeche Mode!

Gear details:

  • Dicken Schrader: Teclado ochentero, xilófono, kazoo, pandereta, botella de Coca-Cola y voz de tarro.
  • Milah Schrader: Flauta dulce, sonajero, carillón y voz.
  • Korben Schrader: Teclado de juguete, maraca, rallador de queso y voz.

16 thoughts on “Everything Counts (Depeche Mode Cover)

  1. THIS is why I have children. He’s doing a MUCH better job at this than I am, though I do have a trombonist, a flautist, and a drummer. I gotta step it UP!

    1. wow… just wow… gotta get my kids up to speed.
      great track for it too. These kids are gonna make great things happen…

  2. That was a lot more complex than I thought it was going to be. Talk about multitasking though! As soon as the kids started singing, it brought a huge smile to my face.

    1. Good job man! So cool! You guys all did a fantastic job. It’s great to see someone take an interest in their children in such a positive way. I hope I can be a super dad like you some day. This really warmed my heart. God bless you guys, I’m posting this on my Facebook page right now! Depeche Mode is one of my all time favorites, and this is a great song.


  3. Great video and performance, though it’s not all live. Just listen to the maraca and watch the kid. It IS well-choreographed, regardless.

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