The Roland BK-5 Backing Keyboard

At the 2012 NAMM Show, Roland introduced the BK-5 Backing Keyboard. It’s designeed to combine multiple backing features into one keyboard.

The BK-5 offers over 1,100 presets and dozens of drum and percussion kits. The instrument is able to handle 128 voices simultaneously, and is compatible with a variety of voicing formats, including GM2, GS, and XG Lite.


  • Self-contained, do-everything keyboard with auto-accompaniment engine and built-in sound system
  • Wide selection of sounds, Music Assistants, and Rhythms that cover a wide landscape of musical genres (including East-Europe, Latin-America, Asia, and more)
  • Friendly graphical user interface
  • Onboard effects, including reverb, chorus, EQ, multi-band compressor, and dozens of multi-effects
  • Music rhythm compatibility with Roland BK-7m/E-series/ G-series/VA-series instruments
  • Compatible with backing formats (SMF, MP3, WAV, and Rhythm) directly from USB memory; instant audio recording onto USB memory
  • Automatic chord detection for SMF files
  • Video output to share SMF/MP3 Lyrics with friends or the audience on an external screen
Pricing and availability are to be announced.

15 thoughts on “The Roland BK-5 Backing Keyboard

  1. I don’t understand, how Rolands stuff goes more and more expensive, while looking less and less valuable…and not sounding much better either.

  2. I sometimes wish Roland had a separate name for their Pro line of products. It worries me that someone would point at my System 700 and say ‘I have a Roland too’ in referring to his backing keyboard, home organ or accordian.

  3. Oh, don’t go hating on accordians. Someday when everyone is playing iPads we’ll look back on accordians and just sigh for all the lost sexy.

    1. Actually, I want Roland’s 1990s keyboard lineup back. I wont even ask for analog – just give me poly aftertouch (A50) tons of sliders (JD800) and supersaw (JP8000) for good measure!

  4. I can not believe. The LCD and options menu are old fashioned. Look at the latest mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets etc. and theirs features. This segment and automotive are several years back of the reality. Theirs IT equipment do not corresponding nowadays.

  5. Thanks to Mauro’s amazing demo of the Roland BK-5 on 3.4.2012—I bought one today. Terrific machine sans frills! —and who wants the frills especially when the price is down to earth? Actually very compact, cute, light weight and portable compared to what it looks in photos. It’s a beast in a lamb’s skin—and I love it. Roland, this time you have come out with a winner —and I’m back with you after years—when I owned the e-86 and the G-800 but later shifted to Korg and Yamaha. The speakers aren’t great but, amplified on a good sound system it sounds terrific—and that’s what matters!

  6. I want to know how to continue my recording after half accompaniment song recording? In recording the measure numbers, the bar are accurately shown but after recording and saving a song in my recording the measure number goes to something like -25 etc. How do I set these seetings? Please do comment. I have been searching for instructions to solve these intricate problems but have not been successful sofar.

  7. Hello Everyone,
    I intend to buy the Roland BK-5 Oriental, I reviewed the manual very well.
    I was told that, I might struggle with saving my personalized user voices in a registration panel for fast recall purpose that, because the keyboard has not provided this feature and I will not able to get a voice while I ‘m playing alive and may I need to do some steps in order to change the voice and the running style as well too.
    Could anyone advise me about that, because as many musician forums they were talking about that issue and has been considered as a major bottleneck.
    Thank you.

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