Ableton Live Tips – Ping Pong as Tape Delay

Ableton Certified Trainer Thavius Beck demonstrates a less explored and slightly hidden feature in Live, using Ping Pong as a Tape Delay.

As he puts it, this will “take less than 5 minutes of your life, and you will leave knowing a little bit more than you did before.”

The video is the first in a series by DubSpot that will look at ‘hidden’ features in Ableton Live.

4 thoughts on “Ableton Live Tips – Ping Pong as Tape Delay

  1. How is this a hidden feature? I guess this is a handy series for beginners, but he’s talking like he invented this feature altogether.

  2. In the 5 minutes it takes to watch the video, I can have a beer, have sex, have another beer and then pass out. And if I do that I won’t have to learn something new.

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