Addictive microSynth Gets AKAI SynthStation 25 Support

VirSyn has updated Addictive microSynth, a software synth for iOS, adding support for the AKAI SynthStation 25.

With Version 1.1 you can use the AKAI SynthStation 25 as a hardware controller. Use the hardware buttons for scrolling through presets and arpeggios, operating the Arpeggiator and ‘rolling the dice’ to get new patterns with Addictive microSynth’s arpeggiator.

Addictive microSynth is available in the App Store.

One thought on “Addictive microSynth Gets AKAI SynthStation 25 Support

  1. If only my beloved Synthstation25 hadn’t just bitten the dust (no sound output.) 🙁
    This looks like another reason to get it repaired though!
    I like that they actually use the buttons for something.

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