Feeltune Intros Rhizome SXE & LE Music Production Workstations

At the 2012 NAMM Show, Feeltune introduced two new varieties of their Rhizome music production workstation:

  • Rhizome SXE is an updated version of their computer-based groove machine. The Rhizome SXE is an ergonomic workstaion that offers numerous controls, 16 sensitive pads and four large 24 bit screens displays. It’s powered by a Microsoft 7 embedded system, so it’s compatible with most existing VST plugins. The plugins run on the Rhizome OS, a VST plug-in host and pattern-based sequencer that offers several a sampler, virtual mixing desk, multi-effects, real-time and step-tracks and more. Because it runs on Windows, you can user standard MIDI/USB controllers, monitors, mouse, keyboards, etc.
  • The Rhizome LE is like its big brother, but without the embedded computer. The Rhizome LE acts as a controller for your Windows or OSX computer, running Rhizome OS 2, It lets you get the benefits of the Rhizome’s tactile workstation workflow, but at a fraction of the cost.

Pricing and availability for the Rhizome SXE and LE are to be announced. See the Feeltune site for details .

One thought on “Feeltune Intros Rhizome SXE & LE Music Production Workstations

  1. I can’t find any pricing info. Why are they hiding it?
    They have been working at this for ages, still no real info, just a load of wank about joining the happy facebook group. Gis a date at least for this dragged out product .
    I get the idea they have been struggling with refining this toy.

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