4 thoughts on “John Bowen Solaris Synth Update

  1. Hey, this is golden!
    You gotta retag it for future synth designers.

    The interviewer really gets him talking – first 5 mins about the Creamware Scope system, then quite a lot about how Bowen is thinking when designing a synth, and about the production process…

    Best view in a while for any would-be synth designer, or hardcore user!

  2. I rllaey with there were more softsynths that had presets setup for decent use of wind controller. Just controlling volume with the breath controller is not very satisfying., and Ive not had time to learn how to do this stuff myself yet.The one glorious exception Ive found is a patch someone made for Native Instruments Reaktor, called Silverwood, that does a very good job and is a joy to use.

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