Silverbox Synth Jam – Mokira/Tilliander’s 303/303/303/303/606

Sunday Synth Jam: Synth porn meets knob tweaking in this video for Mokira/Tilliander – 303/303/303/303/606. 

In addiiton to four Roland TB-303 silverbox bassline synths and a Roland TR-606, multiple effects boxes were used:

Roland RE-201
Roland RE-501
Dynacord TAM-21
Dynacord SRS-56
Lexicon Model 200
TC Electronic D-Two
Empirical Labs Distressor
Tube-Tech SMC2B

6 thoughts on “Silverbox Synth Jam – Mokira/Tilliander’s 303/303/303/303/606

  1. Considering you have spent a lot of money on 303s I can’t hear accents, slides or any distinguished sound. Nice display of gear , and maybe a display of cash.
    think your showing of gear rather than music, wrong way round mate .
    Good music on shit gear , is better than shit music on great gear.

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