10 thoughts on “Korg Prophecy (Vintage Intro Video)

  1. Still using mine after 15 years as a controller, mostly. The arppegiator is sick. It’s a deep synth, took years to uncover it’s secrets. Even ken mcbeth still uses one as a controller, these are keepers. Keyboard action is a dream, aftertouch very responsive. Not as rugged as I would like but overall a classic synth worthy of praise.

  2. My prophecy used to occasional clip ,at an absurd volume, I think it was the comb filter (?)
    I have had a Korg Z1 from new and I wouldn’t be with out it.Korg advertised the Prophecy as a capable TB303 clone, It certainly wasn’t that. The Z1 is a classic has far as I am concerned.
    The price of Macbeth synths I am suprised he uses one as a master keyboard. The guy must be loaded , his synths cost a bomb apparently and are made with bomb components!!

  3. i dragged my prophecy around the U.S. australia and japan for years in a soft case. it’s been punctured by forklifts and opened by customs. it did pretty well all things considered and is still a n important part of my rig.
    they were asking WAY too much for them when they came out and few people were willing to jump on a monosynth for any price in those days. leased mine new from Ward Music for $600 bucks in 19?? and then after 3 $30 payments Ward Music closed forever and i never heard from them again.
    an ex girlfriend called her Dot and the sticker is still there on the bottom.
    i’m about to replace the battery in it and dreading losing the sounds i made because IT’S A FUCKING NIGHTMARE TO PROGRAM!

  4. That was a great video, and you have to admire the product specialist’s hair. Talk about a major mullet! I really enjoyed seeing Jan Hammer doing his “Miami Vice”-style leads. I remember playing the Prophecy quite a bit in the demo room of my local music store, and I liked it a lot. But, I’m sure the monophonic capability was probably lost on me back then as well.

  5. I haven’t owned one for years, but I seem to recall being able to get the entire library as sysex via MIDI, so you shouldn’t lose your sounds.

  6. I don’t miss not having a Prophecy. The hard sync implementation was poor, the portamento was based on absolute time, not absolute rate, and mine (purchased new, it must be said) suffered from frequent screen glitches as soon as it was out of warranty. It is, as others have suggested, a good controller, but it was far from my favourite synth.

    Worst, I sold my Moog Source to help pay for it. I miss that Source. The Prophecy…. not so much.

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