Live Looping With Lemur (Free Template)

Free Music Software: This is an improvised demonstration with Rheynelooper, a free live looping template for the Lemur platform, featuring  a single audio channel, drums, a monophonic synth, and a polyphonic synth.

The Rheynelooper template allows the iPad + Lemur app combination to be used seemlessly as a looper, drum pad & synth controller.

Two Ableton Live projects are included in the download: one for owners of Native Instruments Massive and the other version works with the full download of Ableton Live.


  • iPad / iPad 2
  • Lemur (download from the App Store)
  • Ableton Live (full download)


  • Native Instruments Massive (v1.3 or higher)

The Massive patches are included in the download package from Liine as separate files, and are the exact patches used in 90% of the “Live Jams” on this YouTube channel.

via Rheyne

3 thoughts on “Live Looping With Lemur (Free Template)

  1. TouchOSC hardly begins to come close to what Lemur is, don’t be a troll.
    I have and use both apps and the response of controls are way better in Lemur. Lemur looks better, has more objects and a scripting environment and applyable physics (which TouchOSC lacks) connectivity is more intuitive through Lemur Daemon with 8 ins/outs, LEMUR SUPPORTS MIDI!!! Lemur Daemon is free and comes in the editor install file, OSCulator cost $15 to translate for a $5 app, and you have to do the osc mapping you’reself, Lemur an auto-mapping feature, that lets you edit your interface live or “on the fly” and editor works live with Lemur app to give you full monitor of what’s happening unlike TouchOSC which is fix and load and test and fix and load and test… TouchOSC is like a Ford Pinto (it will get you there but not too great for racing) vs. Lemur being like a Bently (it will get you there fast and comfortable, and and it looks good too)

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