50 thoughts on “The Skrillex Mothership Tour (Backstage Mini Documentary)

  1. I just can’t figure out why i dislike him so much!
    It’s probably just jealousy, but it might be his silly hair.. or his music.

    1. It’s quite comic actually. I thought first he had reduced dubstep to exactly ONE sound (used for all the drops, not a bad one at that) and ONE sample (OMG from speedstacking girl, showing exactly his target demographic, ie those just past that).
      Careful analysis however shows that he has two of each.

      Still, he can do a cover or remix of any song in 5 mins blank: 20 secs of the song in question, then noodling the drop and sample of the day for a few minutes. And in that moment, indeed Lady Gaga = BEP = Bibber = Star Spamming Banner = everything he touches.

  2. Hmm…maybe because in the electronic music realm he’s like Kid Rock, Black Eyed Peas and Justin Beiber all rolled up into one. No substance.

  3. I like his music, just not the crowd he draws… kind of made a fun scene not fun with all the weekend warrior druggie jocks showing up at dubstep shows nowadays… Not his fault though… you can’t control who is going to like your music.

    What I don’t understand is people who compare him to Justin Bieber or Kid Rock… He is a talented musician and DJ who just happens to have a huge following. Popularity doesn’t mean bad music. He is doing for Dubstep what NIN did for industrial, or Aphex Twin did for IDM…

    1. Justin Bieber and Kid Rock are also talented, and their music and fans are often mocked/criticized/reviled, in spite of (and perhaps because of) the fact they’re rather successful at what they’re trying to do (amass fans, get airplay, gain fame and a lucrative career as pop/rock stars.)

        1. Sure, the kid can sing. Even Rebecca Black is pretty damn good when she isn’t singing vapid shit (there’s a video of her doing an acoustic of her song). The problem is with the cookie cutter mentality. I listen to Skrillex music and I’m impressed by the sound. Then I listen to another song, and it’s equally well done. And another, and another. But by the end I’m bored out of my skull unless I’m fucking high because it’s the same cookie cutter bullshit.

          That said, it is fucking fun to blast loud when I’m ripped.

  4. I learned something important from this video – I’ve been calling him Skrill-eX for all this time, but he pronounces it Skrill-icks. Like UNIX. Or antiseptics. Or dyslexics. Who knew?

  5. I still can’t fully understand why so many people here on Synthtopia have such a strong repulsion towards Skrillex. I’m not that much into the whole Dubstep genre, but of all Dubstep tracks I’ve heard so far, I like Skrillex’s approach definetely the most.

    Does the average Synthtopia reader generally dislike Dubstep or has it something to do specially with Skrillex? If it is the former – why do people comment on it? There are also many genres that I personally don’t like – like Schlager or Reggae music. But wouldn’t it be kind of strange, if I would miss no opportunity to rub it in?

    If I don’t like it (and as long as it doesn’t affect my life) then I ignorie it – at least in my opinion šŸ˜‰

    1. the average reader of this blog is a pretentious, elitist, hardware snob with revulsion for anyone who able to produce, sell and travel the world with music made entirely on a laptop. Jealousy i’ll bet is the major reason why he’s reviled.

      I don’t like his music but I have absolute respect for him as an electronic musician who’s doing something new and interesting.

      1. Reason he is reviled is that he isn’t actually making dubstep, mimes dj sets and shows disrespect to the real dubstep pioneers

    2. It’s becaus Scribblex don’t actually make dubstep despite being labelled as it, you will find that he is just a marketing tactic, not a real producer representing a real genre
      USA cannot make dubstep, it’s a uk thing dude, America either makescheesepopstep- Scribblex or satanstep- excision

      Not the pure thing

      1. What qualifies something as dubstep and how does Skrillex not count? I keep hearing that and I find it confusing. He seems very good at producing music within the genre.

        1. Lol, he has been booed off many stages if u google it, messed up dj sets so mimes

          If u want to know difference between sribblex and real dubstep go search get darker tv on YouTube


  6. Love or hate his music I don’t care. I am supremely jealous of all the FUN he is having. Just like any of the current dj/producers. I wish I could just be on the crew to experience the crazy times from show to show.

  7. His music is garbage and he sucks live. It kills me that people eat his shit up, there must be a lot of deaf people. I’m so sick of his crap emostep. All high,end no bass ,lame samples.

  8. Let the haters hate, for it’s the only power they possess.

    I support anyone dong what they want to do.

    Hate on, haters!

    1. people who call other people haters are fanboys. Fanboys are worse than haters. Haters at least think for themselves. Fanboys just follow. Better to be free than to be a drone.

      This message brought to you by the Alliance Against Annoying Fanboys aka The A3F

  9. This guy sribblex is not dubstep, all the original dubstep peeps do not recognise him as a dubstep ambassador, this is another type of genre entirely- cheese step maybe? He also mimes dj sets now as he annot mix accurately. It is also like saying excision is dubstep when in fact it is is more like death step. You want dubstep? Caspa, dmz, tunnidge, el b,caski..

    When u start adding low pass synthed voice warblings and poppy elements, that’s la pop rub hip hop crapstep if truth be told

    Scribblex is not dubstep, yet another example of no talent and bad haircut making more money than they deserve

  10. I like how everybody on synthtopia loves shitty patch cord…Teenage Engineering…rooms full of modular gear that sounds like trash…but y’all hate on some geeky kid that will edit circles around
    your heads with a trigger finger and ableton….”whaaa…whaaaa…thats not dubstep!” who cares!? listen to yourselves…you sound like a bunch of whiny little bitches….

    1. Yeah, I guess it takes some skill to have tracks that are made up of fifty percent loopmasters loops and some quick fix LIFO warbling right?

      The point being is that he is NOTA DUBSTEP, all dubstep fans know it yet he insists on labelling himself as such

      Search hizzleguy on YouTube dude, that is dubstep

      It’s like saying madonna is trance

  11. Hahahahaha: “low pass synthed voice warblings and poppy elements”…….. hahahaha wow. You are funny!

    This ones hilarious too! “there must be a lot of deaf people. Iā€™m so sick of his crap emostep. All high,end no bass ,lame samples.” There are lots of comedians on these boards!

  12. So uneducated fools who know jack shite about dubstep can google this

    Skrillex is not dubstep

    Why is skrillex the most hated producer in dubstep

    If you want the point blank truth, dubstep started out as a peaceful non annoying scene with bass heavy music, deep atmospherics, a very peaceful vibe without any drug harder than Guinness or weed, and the music was highly experimental and deep.

    As it gained popularity people started to mix death metal elements and gangsta rap elements into it thus attracting a younger, more pathetic pill popping crowd who tend to get rowdy and violent. Not only that, go look at section8 recordings and similar with their horror gorefest

  13. Continued..section8 plasters gore all over their release covers and now you have skrillex that looks like a cross between marylin Manson and some punk girl nerd from an American teen movie dropout

    Let us be clear, real dubstep is now underground, what many of you are thinking is dubstep is actually not. Is that clear? It is like saying that synthtopia is a gaming site which is not, there is a DISTINCT difference

    Borgore, excision, Scribblex etc all are not dubstep, it’s something else

    I call it crap, call it what u will

  14. and this is the issue with labelling genres, people start to whine when innovative musicians take something they like and put a new spin on it- apparently ruining the original genre forever by…umm…bringing legions of new fans to admire it.

    Music is music and all music by now is derivative. Skrillex’s music is what it is, no it may not be the same as the music it was inspired by but whether that makes it “real” dubstep or not or real anything else is irrelevant. It is music and many people like it, that doesn’t mean they are wrong, that’s the great thing about music – people are free to like or dislike it purely based on personal preference. By its very nature that really does mean you can’t be “wrong” for liking or disliking music or any other art form.

    I could see a whining bitchfight coming when this post appeared on Synthtopia and lo and behold there it came.

    If you like his music, listen to it, if you don’t then don’t. Yes he’s in the news quite a bit, so don’t read the articles unless of course you just enjoy pissing yourself off.
    If your anger is based in jealousy then have the balls to admit it and be inspired by the guy’s success and put some energy into doing something that you’re proud of with your life. Follow his example and put some work into making your own dream come true.

    Or you could just sit in your apartment by yourself grumbling about whether Katy Perry is really pop music when the Beatles invented pop music and as far as you can tell Katy Perry doesn’t sound anything like the Beatles so how can it be pop music and really the real pop music has gone underground where only you and the lucky educated few know where to find it….

    1. Yes, no surprise a bitchfight happen due to it being posted with the words “his brand of dubstep ” being on da header lol

      Seems maybe some posts are placed to trigger dis kind of ting off lol, and you guys took da bait:)

  15. Easy

    Was referred to dis thread by someone, what a lol! I am a fairly well known “dubstep” producer and dj and let me say a few tings. The artist under discussion is definatly not dubstep in the purest sense of the word and actually dubstep is a played out word to be crystal. Most of us use “underground bass music” to define this and other similar genres such as UKF, bassline, glitch, dnb, electro, fidget etc.
    I can tell you for sure that the artist under discussion is extremely disrespected, not due to envy of success, as many of us are successful enough to not be jealous of this twat or his money or status, but at the same time, we have not diluted our music to suit the so called masses in order to exploit a genre name and cash in at the expense of more serious artists, who indeed have more knowledge, standing and skill, what to speak of a scene that started out as a very positive alternative to a designer ego filled trance scene where looks and money are more important than the music itself.

    Artists such as this, due to their managers insisting on branding them according to a particular genre, have actually negatively affected a scene, alongside those pill popping freaks who got pissed off with the trance raves ( maybe because they’re too ugly to get into the club in da first place lol), so instead they migrated to da dub club events and have brought in more problems, so much so that many uk events are now members only and held in much smaller venues.

    So, you mention this artist ( I dare not speak his moronic name as he has personally dissed some in my own crew) and claim him to be dubstep?

    Claim him as such, but do not compare him to the true underground artists that started it all and are progressing the sound to deeper levels of which this artist will never be able to do unless he hires one of us to do some remixes. But, of corse, we will not affiliate with this prick for any amount of money, because guess what? For us, da money is not worth shit compared to the good times we have at our own events amongst mates

    Is that crystal?

    1. Give me a break. Musicians have the most disproportionate egos around. You just make tunes. Get over yourself. I’m finally getting sick of spending so much time around musicians because they don’t realize how unimportant they are in the larger scheme of things.

  16. Big up me bredren squeeze- I see ya!

    These geezas don’t know what dem gwan about, skrillex is pop music not bass music or step this or dat

    Wtf is da problem? You want dubstep? Hear from those dat know seen? Not from Yankee grease heads who can mix for shit.,

    Make your own music, use your own sounds, not others loopz and don’t call it what it isn’t.

    Whateva skrillex is, it is not dub

  17. I’m sorry If you like him. But let’s see him NOT have Abelton,and then see how he sounds. I’d rather hear Charlie Sheen make some kind of step, that actually might be bad ass.

  18. I love all the ‘ITS NOT REAL DUBSTEP’ comments.

    Everytime I’ve been linked to a ‘REAL’ dubstep track, I’ve been bored out of my fucking mind.

    So who cares if Skrillex makes ‘real dubstep’ or not, and who cares if he can or can’t do it without Ableton, because dude can do shit that NONE OF US CAN.

  19. Puritanism in all things, be it dubstep, sex, or any other venture in this creative process of life, doesn’t make for much fun.

    Do your own thing. The musical taxonomists with the pronouncements about what is or isn’t “true” this or that are a waste of time.

  20. What’s so sad about these “true” dubstep heads and pioneers, is that this humble young kid has probably done more to put food on their plates and bring recognition to the form than anyone. He always thanks all the pioneers, all the people in both the bass, edm, and idm scene. As he said, when the flood water rises, all boats rise with it. I’ve been in the bass music scene since 95, and I’ve seen it rise and fall, wither and mutate. When any of us shine, we all shine. The electronic music scene is too small and too fragile for such animosity.

    1. This is where you are wrong, skrillex has done nothing to bring recognition, there are more artists who have done that, all he has done is turn it into pop music

      The ONE person who is responsible for the good in dubstep is Hatcha, no one else apart from caspa, get darker, a few like that who have achieved success without selling out or pissing people off. They don’t need skrillex to earn money or raise awareness of dubstep

      I suggest u go back to your studies bredren,if you have been in da scene since 95 then u must ave took too many pills for da memory of yours is sure foggy and you have not heard the dissing he does, he is definatly not welcome in many uk venues, if he did come lol, he would be humiliated

  21. I’m just amazed that something this glitchy with so much “noise,” as so much of the mainstream would have called it just a short few years ago, can get to a place in pop culture like this so short. When I was growing up everything this noisy was industrial (for the most part), and even recently the only place to hear such music at a club was where you might hear electro, cyber-, ebm… really, this is just making our (fans of electronic music) world more accessible…. but there will always be those who wish there was nothing decent in the mainstream at all, so the mainstream can be ripped on. I wish there was more varied electronic stuff that would break big… bleeps are bleeps. noise is noise. bring it on.

    and they said all the same stuff about moby years ago.

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