16 thoughts on “MIDITRIBE I/O Review – Add MIDI IN & Out To Your Korg Monotribe

  1. Honestly, is it all worth doing it? Rather open up a VST and you’re there within seconds, having said that I already feel all the rotten tomatoes and eggs on my face for comparing crap vst with PURE ANALOG sound, but at the end of the day my average consumer wouldn’t give a flying sausage where this sound was born. It sounds exaggerated and funny but make me imagine how would I take Yamaha Motif Workstation, disconnect the keys, take the chainsaw and turn it into rack module ))lol

    1. is a 199€ PURE ANALOG sound xD probably you pay the same for the sequencer/workstation e.g. Reason, and a vst good enough to replace the filter of Monotribe. I hope even the dumbest average consumer is able to hear the difference between a good bass vst and the fat sound of a Moog synth

      1. “I hope even the dumbest average consumer is able to hear the difference between a good bass vst and the fat sound of a Moog synth”….you’re kidding right? It has nothing to do with intelligence, most consumers simply will not have a clue what noise is being made by what synth. It’s only music boffins like you that will be able to tell. Honestly, most consumers couldn’t give a rats ass.

  2. A little birdy told me that Korg is releasing their own midi module for the monotribe next month at the Frankfurt music fair… no mod required. I’m going to wait a month and see if the info is good before modding my monotribe.

    In regards to the previous comment, I use VSTs, too, from time to time, but yes it is worth doing. I get a lot more gratification from turning physical knobs. Also, I bet you I can turn on my monotribe and start making music faster than it takes your machine to boot. 😉

    1. Korg won’t release a midi kit for the monotribe because it is not compatible with some USB midi interfaces, also if they was going to add midi they’d have done it at launch. The amazing machines interface is a rip off, he is only offering midi in and out now because other people started doing them and cheaper than his v1 which only had in, then he does the v2 cheaper than the v1, talk about shitting on your customers. Have a look on ebay there are a few guys offering better ones, and less cost and less shipping.

      1. Hi Fatboyfat,

        Please don’t try to misinform people, here is the correct information:

        1 – The Monotribe is as compatible as any other midi instrument, it will work with any reliable midi interface, however it won’t work with cheap unbranded chinese midi to usb cables as many other instruments won’t either

        2 – The MIDITRIBE I/O is cheaper cause we added a manufactured PCB which made the assembling process much faster

        3 – We only added midi out now because the Monotribe OS 2.0 improved midi functionality in several areas, allowing for usable midi output, this wasn’t possible until december 2011, we won’t try to fool our customers selling products that don’t work properly and we couldn’t predict that KORG would release the Monotribe OS 2.0 Update

        4 – We won’t call that shitting on our customers, we are very thankful to every single one of ower customers for trusting us their hard earned money, we call that evolution, we can now offer a better product for less money, also we do offer an upgrade rebate of $10 for previous owners

        5 – Shipping from Brazil is as expensive as shipping from the US or EU to Brazil, or shipping from the US to the EU and vise verse (Keep in mind that our shipments are 100% insured and have tracking numbers, we ship as Priority Mail International), we don’t have control over these numbers and we don’t make profit out of shipping

        6 – About the competition, well, there is no competition until now, have a look to our product plus what we have to offer in terms of customer support, then have a look to these eBay listings, we believe even a baby can tell the diference and our sales rates won’t tell any different

        We hope this explains better,
        As usual a big thank you to all the Synthtopia community for supporting us,
        Amazing Machines

        1. Gimme a break, there is no difference except the amazing machines one is more expensive and built differently (but not better) All you have done is copy the idea from Gameboy Genius who first published it on his blog.

  3. I am far, far, far from being a pro. I am a happy amateur/novice gearslut. And I love my Monotribe SO much! Got the first Miditribe “hack” from Amazing Machines and enjoy hooking the Monotribe to my ipad via iConnectMIDI (using Phaedra as a step sequencer or Genome for more complex stuff). And I also use a PocketPianoMIDI to arpeggiate the Monotribe. Great fun!

    Not sure why I should have the MIDI out though, me not being a pro and all..

  4. Don’t waste your money on this!!! If you have a solder iron, this mod can be done for under $10, even when splurging on parts from Radioshack. If you don’t have a solder iron, use the extra money you’d save by doing it yourself and buy one. Also, you can feed the MIDI wires out of the security loop instead of where the battery cover snaps in.

  5. It amazes me the way people badmouth a forward thinking companies products like Amazing Machines, it is so damaging to say these things about them on a page like this, they should not have to be defending themselves from the people who wrote these hurtful things. I am very pleased that Amazing Machines have developed this mod, they seem like good guys to me and I am very much looking forward to receiving then one i ordered with them a few days ago. Korg should have included MIDI on this unit int he first place, but they didn’t and I feel very lucky and happy that Amazing Machines are offering this solution for me. Please take no notice of the jealous haters, support guys like Amazing Machines because small companies like them need support so they can develop more innovating solutions like this one. Good luck guys and thanks for developing this!

  6. Hi guys,

    I have produced a USB based MIDI interface for the Monotribe. A simple PCB which will both power the synth and send/receive MIDI messages over USB. I have only produced a few for the moment, which are available on ebay. If there is interest from the community I can produce more. For anyone interested, just search for Monotribe USB on ebay.
    You can email me at [email protected] with any questions or for more information.

    James Spadavecchia

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