New Animoog Patch Library

Luftrum sent word of a new Animoog patch library, Luftrum 8:

Luftrum is proud to present Luftrum 8 a new soundset for Animoog with 64 new presets covering a broad range of genres from Ambient to Dubstep with smooth ambient pads, wobbly basses, subtle drones, rhythmic sequences and organic sound effects such as a true budgie tweet, the hypnotic song of whales and the natural purr of a cat, but it’s not all zoo and the soundset contains plenty of non-animal presets, in the realm of sounds not before heard from the Animoog sound engine.

Luftrum 8 is compatible with both the iPad and iPhone version of Animoog and there’s an easy 3-step install instruction included, describing how to get the sounds onto your device. L

Luftrum 8 is available now for $19 at

17 thoughts on “New Animoog Patch Library

  1. Sound nice but we’re talking about the iOS platforms where apps are only a few $. He needs to bring the price more in line.

  2. $20, lol, um no? Not for a $1 synth be it moog or whoever. This rando comes up with 64 patches and thinks they are worth $20? Man, I’v been selling myself short. For $10,000 I’ll send you the link to the *free Lemur iPad Template I made for controlling Moog Phatty series, because my Little Phatty cost about $1000 and mark markup is about 50% the rate this guy thinks his presets are worth compared to the cost of the actual synth. And mine probably has more real world application.
    Yesterday I got 89 new free patches for my Ultranova, and today I’m going to let Novation know they have been missin out on some serious cash flow too.
    I could make patches and try to sell them like this, or like with my Lemur template, I could give it to the world and let it so free that a guy in Aus uses it to design one for Voyager…

  3. Oh, and I just watched the video trying to figur out which sound is worth $20, and wow, there is truly nothing special about the sounds he previewed…

  4. First of all, Animoog isn’t a freebie or even a $.99 app — it’s nearly $10.00 US. So put a lid on it, talking about it being a “cheap” app.

    Secondly, $19.00 for a patch library for a $9.99 app IS DEFINITELY out of whack — more than double the price of an app that allows considerable tweaking?! Someone seriously needs a reality check …

    1. I paid $.99 for animoog, and if you didn’t during the 6 months it was a dollar, that’s YOUR fault. Yes it’s a cheap app, even at $10.

    2. maybe you should open your eye”lids” and do some research…. Animoog was offered at
      at $.0.99 when it first came out for a couple months

  5. What???????? They are kidding, you can even load your own samples into animoog via audio paste from other apps

    Don’t worry, after seeing critique like this thread, they will have to reconsider their prices

  6. Just checked out the video, nothing much amazing about those presets, but I get the feeling that most of those sounds could be self generated with the app itself

    Scares me actually, now people who didn’t make money from the apps want to jump in with quick presents, this also stops people being creative/ inventive and learning to do things for themselves. I find great pleasure in tweaking to get certain sounds, it’s like cooking, but with sound..

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