Moog Animoog Tutorial – Advanced Modulation & Routing

This video tutorial, via DubSpot, takes a look at the advanced modulation and routing options within Moog Music’s Animoog synthesizer for the iPad.

Dubspot Instructor Matt Cellitti shows you how to use Animoog’s modulation parameters to achieve more complex sounds:

Animoog has a clearly labeled and easy to use modulation area, allowing us to add several modulation parameters to the sound at the same time. We are able to use traditional modulation sources like mod envelopes, filter envelopes, and low frequency oscillators, but there are some hidden gems in here as well.

For instance, take control of the Touch Keys to manipulate sounds in ways a traditional keyboard is incapable of. By using the the modulation control of “poly-pressure” to manipulate a destination of filter frequency, the areas of the touch key will activate modulation of the filter’s cutoff frequency.

So you can create filter sweeps just by moving your fingers up and down a single touch key. Furthermore, as if the path and origin controls of the X/Y pad weren’t enough, you can use mod controls to effect these parameters even further.

If you missed part 1 of the Animoog tutorial, check it out below.

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