New Video Game, Fract OSC, ‘Like Myst Meets Rez Meets Tron’ – With Synths

Forget first-person shooters. Fract OSC is a new video game that’s a ‘first person synther’. Instead of shooting everything you see, you have to make electronic music with it.

As the player progresses through the game, they are exposed to different elements of sound and music through puzzles and the world. As such, they are introduced progressively to the tools that they will eventually use in the studio. The studio acts as the culmination of their actions in rebuilding the world, where they eventually return and be able to make their own music.

We’re not sure how much a market there is for the first person synther genre, but Fract OSC looks quirky, gorgeous and fun.

Fract OSC is currently under development for PC & Mac. The release date is TBA.

Check it out and let me know what you think!

6 thoughts on “New Video Game, Fract OSC, ‘Like Myst Meets Rez Meets Tron’ – With Synths

  1. Wow, this looks extremely cool. Half a year ago I had to think of a project idea for my master degree studies and one of my concepts was a game where you could build a musical sequence while fighting enemies, solving puzzles and so on. In the end, I discarded my concept, but I am really happy that someone else has also thought of a similar thing 🙂

    I am aware that most of the average video game players are not overly interested in games like REZ, Electroplankton, etc but I think that such games can be really inspiring.

  2. Tried the 2010 beta on the lowest settings the other day…way too much for my computer. Let’s hope the final product is a lot more processor friendly.

    But while I played, I found it enjoyable…sonically at least

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