The Fundamentals of Synth Programming – The Envelope Generator

This is the fourth part of Moog’s series on The Fundamentals of Synthesizer Programming. 

The videos feature Dr. Joseph Akins, an associate professor at Middle Tennessee State University.

In this episode, Dr. Akins takes an in-depth look at the envelope generator. You can see all videos in the series below:

4 thoughts on “The Fundamentals of Synth Programming – The Envelope Generator

  1. I have been trying to watch these videos, but they’re kind of mind-numbingly basic and slow-moving. I think I preferred Dean Friedman’s pace as well as his multi-synthesizer approach.

    I hope later on he will go into how to *think about* sound design, including how to examine the components of a sound, both with your ears and with technology, and how you can analyze any sound you hear or imagine and then use these basic components (oscillators, filters, envelopes, LFOs, modulation matrix) of analog/subtractive synthesis to create beautiful sounds, including imitations and variations of traditional instruments as well as iconic synth sounds, sound effects, and beyond.

  2. It’s also a bit frustrating that he hasn’t touched the memorymoog or the modular synth (which I don’t recognize – anyone know what it is?)

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