Live Korg DS-10 Acid By AuxPulse

Sunday Synth Jam: Readers Michael Vultoo & Rutger Muller, aka AuxPulse, sent word of this Korg DS-10 synth jam, which demonstrates that don’t you need a  bunch of expensive hardware to get the subwoofers shaking.

The track is Transgressive, from the 100% Nintendo DS album Dream Stages, which is embedded below. If you like it – you can download it for free at Bandcamp.

AuxPulse calls their style ‘psychedelic rave music with a nostalgic touch.’

7 thoughts on “Live Korg DS-10 Acid By AuxPulse

  1. Hey, it’s my favorite “game” for the Nintendo DSi !! (Well Korg DS-10+ actually, though I have both.)
    Also a great use for your old DS/DSi/etc. if you get a 3DS, since you can sync multiple handhelds.
    This reminds me: I really need to get Rytmik and Rhythm Core Alpha as soon as possible.
    (Of course PSP also gets some musical happiness with TraxxPad and Beaterator, which I also like.)

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