Stochastik Drum Machine For iPad Now Available, MIDI Support ‘Coming Soon’

Xitive Inc has released Stochastik Drum Machine, a full-featured drum machine app for the iPad with a difference. Stochastik lets you set a *probability* that a note will trigger for each step.

The demo video above, via danmusicstoke, demonstrates this with drum and bass and glitch patterns.

Over a thousand samples are included, from classic analog drum machines to acoustic jazz and rock kits. You can mix and match samples to create the perfect kit for each song. You can also import your own samples through iTunes File Sharing, email or the Dropbox iPad App.

Stochastik plays well with other apps. When you bounce your pattern to a wav file, it’s automatically put in the clipboard for pasting into other apps. With WIST, you can wirelessly sync with other devices. With background audio, you can let Stochastik lay down the beat while you use a synth.

The one key feature that’s missing in action, MIDI support, the developer say is ‘coming soon’.

Stochastik Drum Machine is $4.99 in the App Store. If you try it, let us know what you think of it!

Stochastik Drum Machine Details

Audio Features:

  • 15 Samples at a time, arranged in 3 banks of 5
  • Over a thousand included drum, cymbal and percussion sounds — acoustic, analog and digital. Learn more at
  • 32 Voices so you will have plenty of polyphony
  • Bounce to 44.1Khz/16bit wav audio files
  • Background Audio – the audio will continue to play when you switch apps.
  • Coming Soon: Export each drum as a separate track for mixing in your digital audio workstation

Sequencing Features:

  • Stochastic programming of dynamic beats
  • As many Patterns, Songs and Kits as you can fit on your device.
  • Patterns can be 16, 32 or 64 steps long, and you can easily copy them to make tweaks.
  • Quick touch pads on sequencer screen for jamming, recording your beats and making quick tweaks
  • Sliders instead of knobs. I wish every music app got rid of knobs
  • Precise Entry (tap a number to bring up the keyboard) for maximum control over volume, pan, bpm and shuffle
  • Coming Soon: Mute / Solo, Set Volume per step.

Integration Features:

  • Import/Export wav files, songs, patterns and kits through Email, iTunes File Sharing, the Dropbox iPad App and more
  • AudioCopy & Pasteboard support to use your drum patterns in GarageBand, BeatMaker and other compatible apps.
  • Full “Open In…” support for working with other apps
  • WIST so you can wirelessly sync Stochastik with other devices –
  • Coming Soon: MIDI

Learning/Help Features:

  • Screen overlay for quick reference of where everything is
  • Full PDF Manual that introduces drum machines and describes how Stochastik’s features work, in-depth
  • Tutorial videos on YouTube

19 thoughts on “Stochastik Drum Machine For iPad Now Available, MIDI Support ‘Coming Soon’

  1. This looks very cool, but I’m waiting until they actually add the MIDI support. Even just MIDI sync!

    I’d be interested in bringing in pitched materialt, too, and otherwise using this not as it was intended!

  2. I’m going to pick this one up. I can think of a bunch of great uses for it beyond basic drum track creation.

    – Easy variations for live jamming/practicing
    – Quick generate fills, and variants of single tracks (like hi hats)
    – Generate interesting sources for driving modulations in other apps
    – Collaborative device to help break patterned thinking when composing

  3. Enjoying this right now
    Wish there were some FX per sample and also ability to paste samples from clipboard directly without going thru iTunes . Using this with Glitch synth or samplewiz would be cool

  4. I like this app a lot. Along with DM1, I feel it’s going to be one of my main drum machine apps. My only criticism is slight and may seem strange, but there are almost *too* many included samples. There’s a lot to sift through on the fly. I haven’t tried importing my own samples yet, but I except to have a lot of fun with that.

    For such a simple concept, the app is a beast and the UI is good. I got lost playing guitar over the same pattern for ~40 minutes. It’s easy to program even while having a guitar strapped on (i.e., with one hand and not too many sub-menus).

  5. Yes, this is a very good drum machine with great potential. It’s great to see the positive reviews this app has been getting, a just reward for the devs hard work. I love the UI and cannot speak highly enough of this developers professionalism. He has been available for comment on all the major blogs, made clear tutorials and ensured immediate use of app in production via different export options.

    Very very impressed, this is a definite pro app..

  6. Looks interesting, but I would like to see several more features.
    How about options besides 16 steps?
    How about probability control over the sample played in addition to probability of being played?

    1. currently, you can do 16, 32 or 64. I am doing MIDI as the big feature for the first update, then alternate time signatures / subdivisions for the one after that.

      Probability for which sample is a very interesting feature, i will add it to the ideas list!

      1. Aaron

        Thanks for responding to people’s questions. It’s always reassuring to see developers listening to both their customers and critics.

  7. i bought it. i think it’s a very cool app! I also look forward to the export as separate tracks option, as well as MIDI. So far so good though!

  8. hi aaron,

    i got this right away and it´s great. probably one of the fastest and most useful drum apps i ever used.
    glad you are supporting it too and if i may suggest a few things:

    – swing per drumsound
    – different subdivisions/leghts per sound
    – importing sounds (no other stepseq drumsound does this so it would kill the competition)
    – adsr and pitch changing

    thanks and best of luck.

    1. Thanks! You can import sounds through email, iTunes File Sharing and Dropbox right now, and while you can export your loops to AudioCopy it won’t be until the next release when you can paste in samples with AudioPaste.

      For setting different divisions per sound, there is an app somebody else makes called “Modrum” that lets you do just that. When I add other time signatures to stochastik, it will be setting the division for all of the sounds, so if this is a key feature for you I suggest you check out Modrum, it is pretty cool, too.

      ASDR and Pitch changing are cool, I’ll add them to the list! I hope you like it and if you hve any other questions or comments, please drop a line – [email protected] !


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