Free Music Inspired By Brian Eno & The BBC Radiophonic Workshop

Free Music Friday: Reader Rupert Lally has released Theatre of Noise, a free album of ‘ambient/experimental’ electronic music.

Lally says the tracks were inspired by 70’s Brian Eno and the classic soundtracks of The BBC Radiophonic Workshop.

You can preview Theatre of Noise above or download it via Bandcamp.

Technical Details:

The album was created in Ableton Live, using Reaktor Prism, Audio Damage Phosphor, AAS String Studio, Aalto and Cinematique Instruments’ Gekko

2 thoughts on “Free Music Inspired By Brian Eno & The BBC Radiophonic Workshop

  1. i almost passed up listening to this just for the Brian Eno tag. glad i didn’t because it’s pretty good and should get better with time. know your influences and let your music stand for itself. sharing these tracks. well done, make more!

  2. Thanks so much for posting this, Synthtopia! Much apreciated. Already working on a new album and I’m posting tracks as they’re completed on my blog, if people are interested:

    @thehobbyist – sorry the “Eno tag” was off putting – I was definitely thinking of early Eno (stuff with Fripp/Another Green World etc) rather than “Music For Airports” – but glad u liked it when you listened to it 🙂

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