Strange Agency Intros MegaCurtis Synthesizer

The Strange Agency has introduced MegaCurtis, its latest iteration of the Curtis granular synthesizer.

Here’s what they have to say about it:

The app was completely rewritten for better performance, longer recording time, session recording, polyphony, Retina display and more!

We’ve added jitter, LFOs, amp envelope control, and even a proper keyboard.

More awesome features are on their way to the app store as free updates, but the launch version is only $.99 for a limited time.

No mention is made of MIDI support.

MegaCurtis is $.99 in the App Store.

10 thoughts on “Strange Agency Intros MegaCurtis Synthesizer

  1. I downloaded it to my phone a few hours ago but it’s not in app store now. I wanted to download it to my iPad? What’s up?

  2. Its back again in the appstore.

    I wish the video would elaborate more on the features.
    Stll,hesitating since i am not sure ehat else it can do. Can we audiocopy samples too ?

  3. Found it through the app store on my 4S. And it does have copy and paste. Totally worth 99 cents, at least, friends!

    1. Very dissapointed with the developer. He’s posted videos of the app using the iPad – however if you read the small print on iTunes the app is only compatible with the iPhone 4. Of course I lept in and bought the app to take advantage of the special intro price before I read said small print – my own fault – but his demos are misleading. Hopefully an iPad version will follow at no charge to existing customers.

      1. I completely agree. It would be one thing if he was using an iPad for parts of the video and had a little screen text saying “iPad version available soon!” But to just put it out there with no disclaimer is at best sloppy and at worst, pretty deceptive. The developer might consider taking it down and putting up an edited version?

        Yea, I haven’t even been able to successfully find it from my iPad.

        One would hope that the intro price would hold through an iPad release. But I’m not gonna buy “promise-ware” even for a buck.

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