Ken MacBeth Introduces The Micromac Synthesizer

Ken MacBeth of MacBeth Studio Systems introduces and demonstrates his new Micromac minisynth.

Over about half an hour, MacBeth explains the front panel and other features and then demonstrates the Micromac.

MacBeth put together a second demo with improved sound quality, focusing on demonstrating the Micromac’s sounds:

The Micromac is underdevelopment.

11 thoughts on “Ken MacBeth Introduces The Micromac Synthesizer

  1. Ken’s machines are put together and have components form companies involved in the arms trade. Being against that does not mean we are liberal w’nkers or naive.
    Ken Macbeth synths Nah Mate!!

    1. obvious troll is obvious how cares it could have a nuclear reactor as its power source and i would still buy it great job ken

  2. Ouch! I hope there is a chance it can be offered a bit lower than that. I appreciate the work and the quality will be tops I’m positive of that, but I was hoping for around $1,100-$1,300 or near about. Every dollar counts right.
    It really is worth every penny, all things considered.

  3. Did anybody notice the “COURSE” adjustments on the oscillators? Myabe a spelling check before production, otherwise great work, Ken!

  4. great synth , i really want it , hope its a bit cheaper , what i love is the 3 oscillators , and cross modulation and love the coarse knobs that’s really missing in my slim phatty

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