Pete Boxsta On The Feeltune Rhizome SXE

Producer Pete Boxsta Martin (Dannii Minogue, Nate James + Sugarbabes offers his take on the Feeltune Rhizome, a groove workstation he has used on many tracks. He also demos the latest Rhizome, the SXE version.

While this is an official demo promo video from Feeltune, Martin seems to have real enthusiasm for the Rhizome and the video does a good job of demonstrating rhe device’s merits for producers.


2 thoughts on “Pete Boxsta On The Feeltune Rhizome SXE

  1. Nice machine, but this Pete Martin guy is a moron.
    If you set up your system intuitively and correctly there is nothing new or revolutionary about the amazing creation process that he describes in this video.
    And really, a separate G5 for each DAW ? – overkill much?

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