Sound Design, Mixing & Mastering With Ableton Live

sound design mixing and mastering with ableton liveHal Leonard Books has released Sound Design, Mixing & Mastering with Ableton Live, a book by Jake Perrine.

Here’s what they have to say about the new book:

Go beyond the basics of Ableton Live with this book of audio making and mangling recipes, tips, and mixing/mastering techniques. Ableton Live is undoubtedly the most flexible audio application available today: Use it for sound design for music, film, theater, and games; composition; improvising with other musicians; live looping; DJing; and of course mixing and mastering music. Author, mastering engineer, certified Ableton trainer, and power-user Jake Perrine will inspire you to use Live in new ways, and to improve how you already use it. Striking a delicate balance of artistry and theory, he will expand your repertoire for both the studio and the stage.

From inspiring recipes for sculpting audio magic and mayhem, to in-depth discussions of mixing and mastering that you would expect to learn in an audio production school, this book is designed to help you “out of your box” into a larger world. It will deepen, enliven, inspire, and improve and your tracks, audio, and performance skills with Ableton Live.

Sound Design, Mixing & Mastering with Ableton Live is available for US $16.99.

We haven’t seen a copy of this yet, so if you’ve read it, leave a comment and let us know what you think of it!

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  1. You know what I saw on Amazon…there was a book from the same series with Logic Pro10 that was scheduled for release this summer but now the book is renamed without the “10” but same release date…hmmm….

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