Techno Producer Drumcell In The Studio

In January 2012, the I Dream of Wires team stopped by the studio of techno producer Drumcell, to discuss his evolution from producing with hardware, to software, and now back to hardware again, with a focus on Eurorack modular synthesis.

The interview was conducted for inclusion in I Dream of Wires: the Modular Synthesizer Documentary.

Drumcell is also the founder of Droid Recordings, and co-founder of Droid Behavior, one of LA’s longest running techno event promotion companies, standing at the centre of the West Coast techno community for nearly a decade.

via Idreamofwires

2 thoughts on “Techno Producer Drumcell In The Studio

  1. i related to this guy alot and also came up with some new ideas.

    euroracks are something i have heard alot about but i havent experienced why they are soo great or why i might be interested in it, i mean there are obvious reasons or course, but is it for me? i dont know.

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