Little MIDI Machine 3 Adds Modular Sequencing Power & Is Still Free!

Synthetic Bits has updated Little MIDI Machine, its software step sequencer for iOS, adding modular sequencing power, plus Virtual MIDI support.

Little MIDI Machine is designed to give you the step sequencing power of a hardware analog sequencer on your iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch. It lets you program two independent sequencers that send note and velocity MIDI data out on two MIDI channels to control your synthesizers.

Here’s what’s new in Little MIDI Machine 3:

  • Virtual MIDI and background audio support, so you can sequence other synth apps
  • Two sequences for iPhone/Touch version
  • MIDI input support, enter sequence notes or transpose on the fly
  • New supersequence feature lets you create 64 step sequences
  • Sequence note length per step, just like pitch and velocity
  • Un-link pitch, velocity and length parts so they run independently
  • Improved MIDI routing and configuration
  • Variable MIDI latency setting
  • Footswitch start/stop
  • OMAC fast switch support to quickly switch to other apps
  • Option to clear sequence with random data
  • Misc bug fixes and improvements

14 thoughts on “Little MIDI Machine 3 Adds Modular Sequencing Power & Is Still Free!

  1. Oh, god YES! Now, I can actually get some use out of this great app. But, how is modular sequencing? I understand that it’s an emulation of an analog sequencer module. But it doesn’t seem like Five12’s Numerology or anything. Then again, if it was like that and free, they’d be bonkers. Anyways, great app and update.

    1. Hey, yes you are correct the sequencer itself is not modular. I would love to do something along those lines someday, I have a Nord Modular that I still use and love, but as you say it would be a bigger project. I think the article was just saying you can use this sequencer app with your modular, like the Buchla video that was posted earlier this week.

      You can read more about what’s in this update here:

      Thanks for mentioning us and hope people enjoy the app!

      1. When are you guys going to release a new app? FunkBox and LMM3 are terrific, but I’m wondering what’s next up your sleeves? 🙂

        1. Thanks, we’re hoping to have a new app or two out later this year. I built a few things last year that I wasn’t happy enough with to finish and release, which was discouraging. Hopefully this year will go better, I would really like to make something that’s a little weirder.

          1. yes, thanks for Funkbox & LMM! two of the absolute best things about the iPad!

            looking forward to more weirdness!

  2. On a traditional modular step sequencer, you would need three independent sequencers, patched together, to be able to independently control note, note length and a control parameter like velocity.

    Because LMM lets you run each of these independently, you can use them like you would multiple step sequencers on a modular, albeit without the flexibility of something like Numerology. For example, put some random values in the velocity layer, set it to random, and you can use it like you would sample and hold on a modular.

    A common trick with Berlin School sequencing is to use two step sequences of different lengths, one patched to notes and another patched to filter cutoff or something like that, but controlling one sequence. LMM will let you do things like that now.

    1. Yes, that feature is my favorite part of the update. It also ended up taking the most time, seemed easy but there were lots of catches. But it made it in there, and having the three note, pitch, length parts run independently makes for much more interesting sequences. As you say, Little MIDI does not give you anywhere near the control of Numerology, which is a very cool program (hope they do an iOS version someday). But it does do some neat stuff and this update addressed some of the limitations that bugged me when I made music with it. Thanks again for mentioning us!

  3. Thanks for listening to users and adding the features – I’m looking forward to digging into this!

  4. The first ever MIDI sequencer for iOS just got better. Thanks for this great free app that is still being supported and updated.

  5. I will add to the chorus. Thanks again for this excellent and useful app. I’m also inspired by the Core MIDI coverage on the syntheticbits blog.

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