24 thoughts on “Roland Jupiter 80 Synth Jam

  1. Shakuhachi! Saxaphone! Distorted guitar! Sitar! Mute Trumpet! Timpani!….. ALL THE THINGS THAT MADE THE ORIGINAL JUPITER 8 SO LUSTED AFTER BY SYNTH LOVERS!

  2. love the “jupiter” or not, I prefer not but this is an impressive video with some nice keyboard skills and a well arranged track. Yes it’s cheesy and dated musically but the guy can play and it’s nice to see a bit of effort put into the video rather than the usual static picture of the synth or camera constantly pointed at the keyboard.

  3. Yeah, I get it. The name’s unfortunate. But, it still seems like a great performance keyboard. On the other hand, I think the new Casio XW-P1 seems more interesting and costs a lot less.

    1. ” I think the new Casio XW-P1 seems more interesting and costs a lot less”– This. Even in the Jupiter has amazing articulations, even if they’re the best ever (I don’t know), it costs SO MUCH how many people will ever use it? The I have a Yamaha keyboard and recently I bought a Casio WK-7500. The Casio is no where near as easy-to-use as the Yamaha but in a gadget sort of way it does many of the same things and the Casio only cost a few hundred dollars. Lots of people all over the world will be able to afford and play the Casio, and how can this be over-stated? People make music. If companies price their equipment of sky high that only Bruce Wayne can afford to play it, how influential will the product ever be? And, how much great music will get created on the product? I want to love the Jupiter because of the amazing software, but, what Casio does with pricing seems to me to be much, much more important. Go Casio.

  4. Epic keyboard skills were certainly displayed. I just have to express my utter dismay at the direction that Roland has taken. I mean, you think the company that created some of the most influential instruments in the history of electronic dance music would be savvy to what is going on. For some reason physical controls have once again taken a back seat in their design. If you’re going to make a synth and call it a Jupiter, do it justice. Don’t just use a color scheme to the front panel that makes it resemble one. This thing should be the most knob/slider laiden device in the history of mankind. They should’ve made it a marriage of digital an analogue as well. People would’ve been willing to pay for that if it had been done properly. They should’ve just taken the original Jupiter and brought it up to speed the way Moog has with their products. Roland has really just taken a giant shit on their product line. Poor build quality in several of the instruments (GAIA anyone?) No cool beat boxes……Fuck Roland, wake up and reclaim your rightful place

    1. Yes, but this is the synth Roland would have made in the 80’s if they could have. They didn’t intentionally make the techno classics that they did. For the most part they were trying to make emulations of real instruments with the technology available at the time.

      1. Good point! The 303 was supposed to be a practice tool for musicians. There’s a great photo somewhere of jazzer Oscar Peterson playing the organ with his 303!

  5. Also – this looks like its WAY more useful as a gigging keyboard than any vintage Roland.

    I’m a fan of vintage gear, for sure, but let’s get real – no vintage keyboard can do all the stuff this does or do it well. An original Jupiter will be better for analog sounds, but this does as good as job as any keyboard I’ve heard at covering all the bases.

  6. Impressive. Most impressive. Obi-Wan has taught them well.

    Now, I’m sure this engine can do a lot of amazing things, but rather than shell out 3k to sound just like a guitar player, I think I’d just call a guitar player. Probably cheaper, too.

    1. “call a guitar player”–indeed! I’ve always wondered what drummers think when they see so many people getting excited by drum machines. Drummers are some nice people and they know a heck of a lot more about percussion than a person learns searching around buttons for a “good groove.” When we make the future, I hope we keep a place for guys (and women!) with sticks.

  7. I think the soul of Roland has gone missing since the 70’s. All the SH series, for example, were different and quirky… I owned an SH-3A an SH-5 and an SH-7 and there wasn’t any similarity between them. They all had a unique flavour.

  8. Ahem… isn’t this an old recycled demo of the Akai S1000 ? 😉 What’s the interest of a new “rompler” use of a synth , even called Jupiter ?

  9. Serious props for the chops, but there were some very cheesy sounds in there. Funny how every demo of a roland instruments has a schmaltz factor to it, even with live players.

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