InvisiBall Makes Sport Out Of Sound

Invisiball is a physical ball game, played on a 4×10 meter court – but there is no ball.

Instead you play with sounds and with music between 4 speakers. The rackets have built-in infrared beamers and the “net” is two infrared sensors.

A computer reads the position of the players and creates sounds that represent the flight of the ball and the position of the rackets. The goal of the game is to match the pitch of the sound of the ball, the melody of the racket, at the right depth and width.

The developers note that, to play InvisiBall well, you need to “totally trust your ears.”

You can view an introduction to InvisiBall below.

InvisiBall was invented, composed and designed by Håkan Lidbo, developed and programmed by Magnus Frenning and Jonatan Liljedahl. The project was awarded with 2011 year’s Swedish Post and Telecom Agency’s innovation prize for making culture and sports more accessible for people with disabilities.

via Hakan Lidbo

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