New Compilation Features Teenage Engineering OP-1 Synthesizer

Reader Alex Ketzer sent word about a new compilation album, Rumble When Bumble, that features tracks that were all made using just the Teenage Engineering OP-1 synthesizer:

We at the cologne based collective NOORDEN released a compilation with 16 tracks by 16 artists called Rumble When Bumble. All tracks are made only using the incredible OP-1-synth made by Teenage Engineering. More than half of these tracks are exclusively on this compilation. Contributing artists are e.g. duke slammer, virtual flannel, yellow tangerine, jogging house, dataline, bitapart and more.

Besides the digital release, we produced a limited edition CD in a handmade digipak including a 40-pages-fanzine with small artists-interviews and quotes about the OP-1 as well as artworks made by the musicians.

These sort of compilations are great to see. If you’re already interested in the synth, it gives you a better feel for its capabilities, and if you’re already an owner, it offers inspiration.

You can preview the compilation above and download it at

7 thoughts on “New Compilation Features Teenage Engineering OP-1 Synthesizer

  1. I was a little bit skeptic about this smallkeyboard workstation because of the demos Teenage Engeneering give us were basicly somebody doing some gibberish sounds on a pricy toy…

    This compilations actually change my mind completely about the op-1

  2. There are some gems in this collection… To name a few:

    Yellow Tangerine!!

    Duke Slammer’s flava o’ funkadelica– dig it!

    Track 13– Ace of Bass reinterpreted as a Rick Astley downtempo groove. Wrong on so many levels, but it somehow works and I love it!

    Great idea, guys, to showcase the strengths of the OP-1 and your own musical talent. Well executed. A pleasure to listen to.

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