Popcorn Tag Team Synth Jam

Reader Laurent Pelletier sent word about this very nicely done collaborative synth jam cover of the original synth pop classic, Popcorn.

Thirteen members of the French audio forum Audiokeys worked together to make the video, a cover of Gershon Kingsley’s 70’s hit.

“We are very different about our musical tastes,” notes Pelletier. “Our gear starts from the Stylophone up to the ARP 2600: Vsti’s, Analog synths (CS60, SH1, Monotron, Jupiter 8…) and most recent ones (RD700NX, Oasys, PA2X, mikrokorg…) have been used for this friendly video!”

Even though thirteen synthesists contributed, the arrangement cleverly showcases each of the contributors and their synths.


  • Analog80 (Paul)
  • Bassrÿche (Franck Bassette)
  • Captain Cookie (Frédéric Ardoüin)
  • Cartman49 (Cyril)
  • Chris (Christian)
  • Coyote14 (Laurent)
  • Neok (Miguel)
  • Obby (Mickael)
  • Papy (Christian Bonnemaison)
  • Phil326 (Phil)
  • Pplemoko (Arnaud)
  • ADN (Fabien Labonde)
  • BlueDid29 (Didier Merlateau)

5 thoughts on “Popcorn Tag Team Synth Jam

  1. great!
    Laurent pelletier is our best electro producer in france..
    And a very cool guy,so helpful with so much humility!!
    Long life to him!

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