New Synth For iOS, SpaceLab, Offers 4 Ways To Play

SpaceLab (App Store link) is a monophonic synthesizer for iOS.

It has four ways to play: keyboard, graph, guitar, and wind controller. Underneath those interfaces is a fully programmable subtractive synth with oscillators, filters, envelopes, effects, FM, presets, an arpeggiator and full MIDI control.

It’s $.99 in the App Store. Demo below.

Here’s the SpaceLab take on the Theme from Midnight Express:

10 thoughts on “New Synth For iOS, SpaceLab, Offers 4 Ways To Play

  1. That “guitar”controller would have been much more usable, if it would have had at least a couple of voices of polyphony.

    Sounds good, but so does many others.

  2. This is pretty cool; I’m having a lot of fun with this! It has some character thanks to the bitcrusher and FM. I only wish it had a noise source even though it can get pretty hairy. There are a lot more robust synth apps out there… especially when it comes to the subtractive analog modeling paradigm, but this is great for a buck. It has enough features to be useful but not too many as to be daunting. I don’t know why, but it reminds me of an EDP Wasp… which is awesome!

  3. Nice, but … I don’t have two iPads.
    Is it really that hard to do polyphony on a 1 GHz processor? I mean, Reason 2.5 works fine on my Power Mac G4… and ReBirth required a 90 MHz Pentium and a whopping 16 MB of RAM back in the day…
    But then again… it’s 99 cents, while Reason cost hundreds of 2001 dollars.

  4. dunno why but i dig the hell out of the gui on this one and i dont say that often. good job guys.
    also reminds me how much arturia guis suck.

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