The Micronauts + Bosco – Hoochie Coochie

Music video for The Micronauts + Bosco‘s Hoochie Coochie.

Technical details below.

Bosco equipment list: Akai MPC2000, Eventide H3000 SE, Korg MS-10, Lexicon 200, Oberheim DX, Roland Juno 106…

The Micronauts equipment list: D16 Group Nepheton, Little Endian SpectrumWorx, Nintendo DS + Korg DS-10, Overloud Breverb, Steinberg Cubase, Yamaha 01V96…

Freeware: Audiooo maR_compressor, EricSound Freeeq, SoundHack +bubbler, Studio Devil BVC, TAL-Dub-II, TAL-USE, UVI Workstation, Yellow Tools HOF Origami Edition.

3 thoughts on “The Micronauts + Bosco – Hoochie Coochie

  1. Very nice, I watched the whole thing. But I kept thinking, well, they’ve got one or two electronic instruments there, it’s not about acoustic holdouts. But it’s all in black-and-white. They can afford batteries for their sound equipment but they can’t afford color film? It was nice, but I want to see the sexy sunglasses girl in color.

    1. Well you know what? if you want to see a sexy girl in B/W and in color from that band’s video, go to vimeo and search for : Making Of “The Micronauts – Reaction” Video


      1. Thanks for the tip. I did go over and check it out. She IS prettier in color.

        Well, you know what? My comment had been just a little joke about the black and white video. But since it got me a thumbs down for some reason, and a helpful reply, I’ll elaborate a bit.

        I think it’s odd that electronic musicians who make a special point about embracing modern tools and tossing aside trivial conventions of the past in regards to sound, often embrace goofy and particularly pointless trivials conventions of the past in regards to video/film–like for instance black and white, or shakyCam or other things. Seems to me technology is technology and if it’s good to embrace modern sound resources and thinking the same goes for visual arts. That’s the only reason I made a little joke about the black and white video. I didn’t mean to offend anyone, and I’m sorry if I did. I just like color better than black and white and I personally don’t see any need to chop off color technology for some kind of retro love that doesn’t really return anything. Thanks again for the vimeo pointer.

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