ClearView Mini Transparent Touchscreen Controller

Music Computing has introduced a new transparent touchscreen controller, the ClearView Mini.

The Clearview mini is designed for use as a video controller for music applications as well as an interactive display for business or general purpose computing.

The ClearVIEW touchscreen works in conjunction with a video projector. The frosted glass touch surface allows the projected image to partially reflect back to the audience, while displaying the main image to the user.

ClearVIEW Mini is the latest addition to Music Computing’s MotionCOMMAND line of multi-touch products. Available in a 22” wide-screen size, the ClearVIEW mini provides 2 simultaneous touch capabilities for Windows 7, Windows 8, and Mac OS X.

“The concept of a semi-transparent multi-touchscreen is not new.” notes Victor Wong, CEO, Music Computing. “However, they’ve been very large, heavy, and expensive. ClearVIEW mini is the first to offer true portability and to be priced affordably.”

Readers may be familiar with Smithson Martin Emulator touchscreen DJ controller, which applied similar ideas to DJing.

The ClearVIEW mini is available for US $699. A projector and laptop are required to use the touchscreen.

See the Music Computing site for details.


2 thoughts on “ClearView Mini Transparent Touchscreen Controller

  1. fast forward to 9:30 for DUBSTEP DEMO TIME

    im glad theres a dubstep demo, now i will definitely buy this product.

    i kind of got lost in the 9 minutes of talking about video cables and business presentations….is there any mention of latency? actually i dont really care im already sold on the DUBSTEP DEMO!

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