Qneo Voice Synth Vocoder Updated With MIDI Support, AudioCopy & More

Qneo has released an update to Voice Synth, its voice-controlled vocoder for iOS.

Voice Synth is a specialized synthesizer for creative voice sculpting. It lets you turn your voice live into a human from baby to tenor, an autotuned popstar, a robot from Cylon to iDalek, a church or close harmony choir, animals from birds to dogs and lions, musical instruments from organs, guitars and a groovy bass to percussions and rich 70’s vocoders, amazing effects and ambient, lush string/storm soundscapes.

Here’s what’s new in Voice Synth 2.0:

  • Completely revised sound engine with 2×32 bit 44.1 kHz processing
  • Improved reverb
  • In-app help (in addition to in-app demo video)
  • Improved recording process for samples and performances
  • Performance recorder with FF/rewind/pause
  • Audio copy/paste to/from iOS pasteboard
  • Full MIDI support (Core, Virtual, Network) to control keyboard and effects
  • Compatibility audio/MIDI via the dock connector (e.g. Alesis IO Dock, Apple Camera Connection Kit)
  • Export recordings in uncompressed WAV format, and M4A format with improved compatibility (PC/iTunes/VLC)
  • Export recordings to iTunes file sharing and other apps
  • Multitasking support for fast app switching
  • Visual sample editor to set start, end, loop and trigger method

You can preview Voice Synth 2.0 below.

3 thoughts on “Qneo Voice Synth Vocoder Updated With MIDI Support, AudioCopy & More

  1. YES! I’ve been waiting for this update since they came out with this app. I love the sound and now I can actually use it!

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