Planet of the Apes Party Fun Time, With Benny Benassi

This unofficial music video was directed by Brad Hasse, who hopes nobody will be offended, especially the people that own the copyrights to the music and the footage from the original Planet of the Apes:

Dear movie studio and Benny Benassi- this video is not intended for commercial use. It is simply a side project created for the fun of it. I like apes and monkeys, I like classic movies like this one, I like dance music, I like Benny Benassi, and I used to like glowsticks when I was 19… so I made this video.

If the usage of this footage or music for this artistic expression causes any issues with you, please contact me directly (info found easily at and I’ll take it down. But ever since this idea popped into my head, I couldn’t help but try to make it for the fun of it to see what it would look like if Charlton Heston found a few glowsticks, turntables, and an insatiable urge to dance. Since I work with some amazing graphics people, we decided to just give it a go. This is a result of that collaboration.


via neatorama

5 thoughts on “Planet of the Apes Party Fun Time, With Benny Benassi

  1. This is hilarious! Great work, I can see some real effort went into this. I have to say that I was cracking up when they revealed that dudes’ disco ball ghandis. I was sad that the video ended there, I was really hoping to see him rock out in those and blind all the judges.

  2. The only thing more visually pleasing is maybe Benassi’s original videos. But this takes a close second! If this was on copyright poohtube, it would have already been pulled.

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