16 thoughts on “How To Make Dubstep – The Cartoon Guide

  1. The sound of dubstep is actually rather original to my ears…or at least it was once upon a time. I kind of feel sorry for the musicians who created it. So much of there time is probably spent explaining they were “first”! Meanwhile that unstoppable cultural juggernaut known as “severe overexposure” ensures every kid with a DAW and Soft Synth (courtesy of Warez, no doubt!) can reproduce the template with slight variations in mass quantity, running the once-novel sounds into the ground until even kindergartners are demanding their Wubs … and we’re all begging for mercy. Ahhhh life in the Information Age is sweet innit?!

  2. You know,that one DubStep song. The one that goes….(cue EVERY DubStep song).

    Yeah,that one.

    You mean THOSE ones!

    It’s pretty bad that you already will know how a song is going to play out before even hearing it just based on the genre. It would be cool if it was just a style of ONE artist but music would get old if EVERY song in the Metal genre used the same Metallica Lyrics. This is how I feel about DubStep. :). Not saying its bad. Just saying that once EVERYONE is doing it,it becomes less of a unique voice and more of a stale repetition.

    Haven’t I heard this song before? Is what I am always asking myself.

    1. Funny, I have the same “Haven’t I heard this before” reaction to a lot of hard rock and metal. If you’re a fan of a genre or sub-genre of music, you’re more likely to notice distinctions that are lost on non-fans, for whom it’s all the same.

      That being said, there’s certainly a lot of generic, cookie-cutter music coming out of just about every genre these days, dubstep included.

  3. Two are to blame



    Before this, dubstep was original and experimental..deep in some places

    Now it ALL sounds the same

    1. To be fair, Excision is getting a lot more Musical lately…at least judging by what I saw/heard at Shambhala.

      As for Skrillex. My god that is terrible music. If you translate his songs to Piano you realize that they’re just annoying generic pop melodies, which likely explains the mass appeal. And why I can’t freaking stand it.

    2. Video killed the radio star…and I agree that Skrillex et al killed the hipster chic and maybe the early expressiveness characteristic of dubstep. But the genre itself?

      I’m thinking that a lot of would-be starving “dub-what?” producers are traveling around the world, playing packed clubs and stadiums and eating in five star hotel restaurants because of this guy alone.

  4. I’ve said it before…. I’ll reiterate. This would have been considered NOISE a few years ago, and now it’s mainstream (almost). Yes it’s repetitive… so is moby, deadmou5, amon tobin, all 80’s + 90’s techno… ministry, kmfdm. Yes it’s formulaic. So is nearly all ebm, idm, glitch… don’t even get me started on drum and bass… metal, jam music… It’s like Hard Harry said in “pump up the volume,” “All the great themes have been used up and turned into theme parks…” Folks, we’re all supposed to be here to appreciate synthy goodness of all makes and models, and everyone wastes time flaming the ones that become accepted more than the others. “Mine’s better because it’s more obscure.” is a dumb… dumb… dumb mindset that many think is legit. Not only that, but when was real artistry ever considered what made things popular, and when wasn’t electronic music dumped on by “real musicians” who claim that it’s repetitive… fairly ironic to find that argument here…
    but more to the point, this video was fun. Period. Reminds me a bit of the Strongbad “techno music” episode… also, I love the ability of fans of dubstep to openly say that it’s repetitive, formulaic, and derivative, but that it’s sort of a fun element to the music. Yes the real masters of a genre put their stamp on it, and are what eventually make it great. Think how many crappy metal bands are not Black Sabbath… oh, and I suppose the people who complain about these things have never played a derivative note in their lives, and create entirely new genres every day because their stuff is just that inspired and original…. pah… woops… I was trying to stay off that topic and point you to this…http://soundcloud.com/betamorph/logam-your-mom-makes-dubstep…see… all ok laughing at themselves… fact is that they’re having a good time regardless of you hating or loving it…

  5. ROTFLMAO when the robots with speakers for heads were pounding the kids into submission !

    Don’t care if you like dubstep or not ……that was funny !

  6. An interesting and successful genre are soon digested in to the bag of tricks of the list pop music producers and the ‘true’ fans moves on to more innovative or esoteric (sub-)genres. Swing in the 30’s and trance in the 90’s are good examples of this. Now that dubstep has been formalized, it will be picked apart and reconstructed in a comercial setting. Skrilex as an example is already very successful in reaching out to a larger audience. Also the runner up in the swedish ESC national finals had a drop to a half tempo brake with wobbly bass.
    It is a bit sad but we can’t really have nice things. A genere cannot stay unique and alive at the same time.

  7. Hahaha! Did that squirrel just say “for extra brutality!, with a middle-aged librarians voice.” Man, I didn’t know there was a light-hearted side of dubstep. What makes this even funnier is that this track is no joke. LIKED!

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