Moog Intros Bowel-Shaking BASE SoundPack For Animoog

Moog Music today introduced the BASE soundpack for Animoog – a collection of timbres and presets that radically extends the sonic capabilities of Animoog from the purely electronic realm of its Moog ancestry into a richly organic world of biological sound.

The BASE Pack is born from a quest Moog engineers embarked on, with help from researchers at The University of North Carolina at Asheville, to discover the most primordial sounds known to man. The result is the Biomimetically Augmented Synthesis Expansion Pack (BASE Pack) for the Animoog synthesizer.

In addition to the over 40 new Timbre files, Moog recruited top sound designers to craft 25 powerful new presets which demonstrate the range of BASE sounds that Animoog can now emit. Some of the Presets included are Extravasation, Eructations, Bad Beans, Bathtub Bubbles, and Oops Sorry Excuse Me. Some of the Timbres included are Sploot2, WetGas1, Dribbly, WetSquish2 and Excuse Me.

Above, Dream Theater’s Jordan Rudess demonstrates some of his trademark licks using BASE for Animoog and UNCA’s Dr. Wayne Kirby explains the origin of the new sound library.

Animoog is available for the iPad, iPhone 4, and iPod Touch in the iTunes Store. Animoog version 1.0.2 includes the new “Animoog Store” where users can purchase new Timbres and presets from within the app itself. The BASE Pack is only the first in a series of wide-ranging, boundary-pushing sonic updates to come.

See the Moog site for more info on the BASE Pack.

16 thoughts on “Moog Intros Bowel-Shaking BASE SoundPack For Animoog

  1. The fact is that it is really a 99 cents in app purchase, it’s real..but is it just synthesised farts, anyone bought it yet?

    It if it just farts, it’s very silly considering how good animoog is..and anyone who is worth their salt in the tweaking zone surely can replicate with a few turns of a dial

    Someone buy it and let us know..

    I mean, Jordan was trying hard to keep a straight face..

  2. just bought, it’s ok for 99c. very atonal. i didn’t like the 25 presets very much but the “Random preset” button brings up some really interesting new sounds now. i’d say it’s a no-brainer.

  3. Atleast it’s not $20 like that pack that came out a few weeks ago, that just sounded like the guy adjusted the filter positions and called it a sound pack…

  4. He looks a cunt and moog are begining to look like a greedy company. Their products are very very expensive and the hype is getting tedious.

  5. “bio-mimetic”? “next generation”? What’s with all the Star Trek references? With AniMoog, Moog goes digital. That’s all anyone needs to know about it. Does it sound good? Probably no better nor worse than anything else that comes out of an iPad, which usually leaves me feeling unimpressed.

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