Get Ableton Live Lite For Free! Plus – Live Users Can Now Upload Straight To SoundCloud

Ableton and SoundCloud have teamed up to bring you some goodies, whether you’re a Live user or not.

It’s not Ableton Live 9 – but it’s still a pretty cool set of announcements:

  • Ableton Live has been updated so that it now comes with SoundCloud sharing baked in. You can now upload straight to SoundCloud.
  • SoundCloud is offering Ableton users 5 months of SoundCloud Pro, for free. You can find the details here.
  • Ableton has is also offering the entire SoundCloud community a free copy of Live Lite 8. Details here.

Check out the deal and let us know what you think of SoundCloud support coming to Ableton Live!

Official intro video from SoundCloud:

13 thoughts on “Get Ableton Live Lite For Free! Plus – Live Users Can Now Upload Straight To SoundCloud

  1. What is Live Lite 8 and how does it compare to Live Intro? Can’t seem to find any information.
    I just bought Live Intro not even a week ago, and now I’m hearing that if I’d just waited 5 days I could have gotten a version of Live for free? I don’t use it heavily enough to warrant buying Live 8, since I only use it as a MIDI sequencer, so I’m wondering if Live Lite 8 would have been enough. Damn.

  2. Ableton better have something better than this cooking – they are starting to look like the RIM of the DAW world.

  3. Maybe the 5 months free is a hint? I hope so. It is a little weird that it isn’t 6. It would be nice if they came out with a new version by the end of the year. I originally bought Live 8 for the online share feature that turned out to be crap. Please make this happen Ableton. Fix it.

  4. Live Lite is the version you get free with some products like audio interface and MIDI controllers.

    I got it with my:
    – Novation Launchpad
    – Akai APC20
    – M-Audio Fast Track Ultra
    – Focusrite 2I2
    – Loaf of bread

    I like Live and have the Suite version, but the best thing about Live Lite is the discount you get on their commercial versions, IMHO. Still, for some straight-forward multi-track recording, etc. and getting to know/try out Live, Lite is definitely usable (within the limits it imposes).

  5. Looks like everyone who is subscribed to the sound cloud newsletter gets a download code sometime in the next two weeks.

  6. hi ive searched all over and in short of going the torrent route, which i dont believe in doing, as i want to support good companies that support us, i CANNOT find the LAUNCHPAD Edition of Live / Abletion Lite -whatever it is called??

    I bought a used ableton launchpad that is legit, and i cant find anywhere to register it or download the software. I had the suite on my mac; but the hard drive took a dump, so im using this windows laptop and its goin great wit my mashine and kontrol z2.

    thank u very much, as i have searched the wrong pages for hours.. peace

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