Free Epic-Epic Sound Library Sounds Pretty Dang Epic

Audio Genetics Lab has released Epic-Epic, a free sound library for Kontakt that actually sounds pretty epic.

Here’s what they have to say about Epic-Epic:

All audio demos are produced entirely with the Epic Epic library and do not use any extra processing other than reverb ,EQ ,compression, volume automation, imaging, more reverb, limiting, delays, analog hardware panning ,a Reaktor patch that sounds great but who knows what its really doing, a few interns for getting coffee, a Palindrometer, deep meditation, and the luck of the Irish.

That’s pretty much what it takes to get a clean, up-front epic sound, these days.

Details at the Audio Genetics Lab site.

3 thoughts on “Free Epic-Epic Sound Library Sounds Pretty Dang Epic

  1. Ouch, that sound was painful, cool video though, used to love orbital back in the rave days, shame they have chosen the path of least resistance…

  2. well this is refreshing… not i feel like i can wait even longer to shell out $ for NI’s evolve mutation pack, im really glad this was posted

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