New Album From Kebu, To Jupiter And Back, Features Vintage Analog Action

Reader Sebastian Teir, aka Kebu, has a new album coming out, To Jupiter And Back, that is chock-full of vintage analog action and a tribute to some of the ‘the gods of synthesis’.

We’ve featured several of Kebu’s synth jams previously, but if you’re not familiar with his work, the teaser video above offers a taste of his new album.

Here’s what he’s got to say about it:

This album is a tribute to the great synthesizer music that I grew up with of artists such as Jean Michel Jarre, Vangelis, and Mike Oldfield.

The album consists of music made only using vintage analog synthesizers, recorded in the old-fashioned way, using only sequencers, tape machines and analog mixers, which gives the album a very warm and organic sound.

The album is to be released May 2nd. Details at his label’s site.

Here’s another preview of the album, his video for Pulsar:


1. Day One
2. To Jupiter and Back
3. Samba Saturn
4. Basic Principles
5. Just Another Space Odyssey
6. Interlude No. 4
7. Le Carnaval des Étoiles
8. Pulsar
9. Michael’s Anthem
10. The Lunar Effect
11. Lullaby for Heidi

3 thoughts on “New Album From Kebu, To Jupiter And Back, Features Vintage Analog Action

  1. I really like the sounds! Long winters + good schools + sauna = excellent music, apparently.
    I like the 80s flourishes in Pulsar along with the Jarre tribute.
    Keep grooving on the performance/video side of things!
    I think you need some collaborators to perform the whole thing “live” and to add more video madness!

  2. if by recorded on tape, you mean recorded to tape and then probably into a pro tools session, than yes. Sounds good though haha

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