Rob Papen Blade Harmolator Demo

Rob Papen shared this video overview of the Harmolator from his new Blade synhthesizer.

If you’ve used Rob Papen Blade, what do you think of it?

Note: The version of Blade in the demo,¬†with ‘spectrum’ display, is scheduled to be released in the first week of April.

One thought on “Rob Papen Blade Harmolator Demo

  1. That video did a nice job of showing the “under-the-hood” functions of the harmolator.

    Partly because nothing was being modulated in the demo, the waves were pretty static. But the presets showed more of the colors once filters and spread were used.

    Two features I was hoping to see (which might show up in some future version) were: 1. the ability to control the pitch spread of the harmonics (i.e., the harmonics either going progressively sharp or flat relative to the fundamental) which could allow some more complex vibrating string/bar sounds; and 2. Sub-harmonics! As someone who has experimented with sub-harmonics (i.e., 1/2, 1/3, 1/4, 1/5 etc. of the fundamental), I’ve found that it can add an interesting quality for some things.

    I don’t know if the harmolator allows direct editing of the harmonics via mouse/input– even if it doesn’t, there are quite a few tools there to shape and modulate them.

    The interface seems logical and relatively uncluttered, considering all that’s going on. I’m glad the effects don’t take up space on the main page.

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